May 11th, 2012

sam the eagle - dunno source

Minor bad service but still freakin' annoying.

Back in February, I bought a spa package deal. From someone at a mall, yes, but the spa looked legit and the deal was amazing ($48 for a manicure, pedicure, facial, and massage). The coupon said that it was good until up to a year from purchase, so I figured I'd save using it until after I'm done my exams. Treat yo'self and all that.

So, I call the spa today, saying that I'd like to book an appointment. I then find out that they've changed their name, and because of their name change (and change of ownership?), are no longer honouring the coupons. This seemed highly suspect, but they did tell me that they opened a second location that primarily does eyelash extensions but will still honour the spa coupons.

So, I call that location, and they won't honour my coupon either because, guess what? They only do eyelash extensions.

They did say that location #1 should have taken my coupon but that they've been refusing to take said coupons, and gave me either the option of applying the value to eyelash extensions or getting a full refund. Seeing as I have no interest whatsoever in getting eyelash extensions, I'm getting a refund...eventually. (They told me I have to come in person and I'll either get an email refund, or a cash refund depending on what day it is. How does an email refund even work?)