April 20th, 2012

Sheryl Nome

Toys R Us lack of service

Went into my local Toys R Us earlier today, hoping to talk to my mum, who works there. As usual I stopped in the bike section to look at the male 26" bikes, to see if any catch my eye enough for me to try and save up for one.

The bikes are stored on two shelves. The bottom shelf is level, and the bikes are only secured with a single grip, like an n-shaped loop of metal either side of the wheel, on their front wheel, that is basically there to hold them upright. The top shelf is angled, so customers can see the whole bike, and they're secured at both wheels. There are also bikes at one end of each aisle - matched male and female bikes, in an angled side-on display. I know I can get the bottom bikes down, but not the end or top-shelf ones.

Unfortunately the bikes I wanted to look at were the ones I couldn't get down. And there were no members of staff on the bike section today. I was about to go looking for one when I saw someone ambling over from the multimedia section. And just as I was about to say something to get his attention, he stopped to talk to a family. His family. For ten minutes, during which time he just chatted about things totally unrelated to bikes, toys, games or puzzles. And he completely ignored me, when I said "excuse me", when I tried to catch his eye, even when I started fiddling with the bikes on the top shelf.

Excuse me, since when was it acceptable to ignore a customer that is trying to get your attention in order to talk about non-urgent things with your family?

There is a nice end to this story: after Lazy was called to the tills to relieve the queue, the supervisor that came over to restock the bike purchase tickets literally dropped everything in order to get down the bikes I wanted and put them back up again.