April 3rd, 2012


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This has been bugging me since the other day. More or less, every day, the bus I take to get to where I'm going has a different driver. Same bus, different driver. I don't know if it's me being off by a minute or two, but whatever, it's not a big deal. Generally, the bus drivers are polite and friendly, with a "hi, how are you?"

This particular bus driver was not like that. I live in Toronto, and take the TTC. This bus driver ran two red lights. Not on busy streets or main intersections, but it's Toronto at eleven am. There is traffic. Always.

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TL;DR Bus driver has only been seen once, but he was rude, racist, kicked people off, and used ableist slurs and there's the very real chance I may see him, and his bus number, again.

EDIT: I just filled out and emailed the complaint form. When (if) they get back to me, I'll post another update.