April 2nd, 2012

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More University Creepiness

Hello again~

Update to the flatmate's debacle with the security creep: the wardens held the meeting, they've decided he's really fucking creepy and they've put forward a request to his supervisor. My flatmate is really pleased because they think he'll either be moved to days or to a different site where the requirements are different with regards to locks (the other side is much older, which means keys which means it's much harder to lock yourself out than with the keycards)

Now for more creeptastic/memory challenged guys that I have experienced in the mean time.

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On the plus side, Student Finance finally paid up. Yay. I didn't even get to kneecap somebody or threaten to bring out the concrete shoes. Life's not fair sometimes.... All that money - in my bank account on Wednesday~...and promptly out again on Thursday for Halls payments and stuff like that.

You gotta respect them for holding out as long as they did but we won. Eventually.

Thank Bloody Christ for that, at least.

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I am thinking of calling management about this one tomorrow morning.

So, I went to a local fast-food coffee shop (Tim Horton's) this afternoon. The line-up was to the door. In my experience, line-ups at these locations tend to move pretty quickly. Well, I was in there for almost 20 minutes. After I ordered, my ice capp and two doughnuts were completely forgotten, so I had to wait 5 minutes while the people behind me got their blended beverages.

There were three employees on counter. There was one guy running around like crazy trying to get orders out to customers, one girl on cash and one making sandwiches and smoothies. As soon as I ordered my ice capp, he hollered to the sandwich girl to make him one while he took care of hot drinks, but she either wasn't paying attention or forgot.

The woman waiting ahead of me must have known the guy. When he handed her drinks, she struck up a conversation with him. "Busy today, eh?"

"Well, it wouldn't be so bad if the half of the people working today weren't standing out back with their thumbs up their asses."
"Well, what do you mean?"
"There are seven of us working at the moment, but four of them are out back goofing off."
"Where is the supervisor?"
"G's out back doing paperwork."
"You would make a good supervisor."
"If I was made supervisor, I wouldn't take any crap from them. I'd be yelling at them. I can't do that because G wouldn't like it, so I'm just doing the best I can."

I totally didn't care that he swore. If I were him, I would be swearing too. I have worked fast food for five years. I am very hesitant to go back. Nothing is worse than having to work with a group of lazy kids who stand around while I run around like a maniac... and based on my experiences, when they do decide to get to work, they half-ass a lot of things, so I still get crap from customers.

If you are not going to do your job, do everyone a favor and QUIT. I am currently searching for a job. I was thinking of applying to this chain because tips are good. I don't think I will be applying to this particular location. Lazy coworkers are a huge pet peeve of mine.