March 31st, 2012

Fuck it all zombie apocalypse!
  • hicat

Verizon Sexual Harassment Catcalls

This is bad service, I do believe. I wasn't ACTUALLY a customer, but the guys were at their booth and I was walking by.

I went to go get some food from our food court and passed the Verizon kiosk. One at the clerks leaned over his counter and went "Hey! HEY! ... Free hugs!" I was a little annoyed, just because I hate when the kiosk workers yell at people for any reason, but I shrugged it off and got my food.

On my way back, the clerk and another clerk were facing the way I was coming. The first clerk nudged the second one when he saw me and shouted out "FREE HUGS!!" at me, and waggled his eyebrows, in that 'if you know what I mean' kind of way.

His coworker gave me the once over, his eyes landed on my chest, and answered his coworker with "I'd hug YOU." He did the same awful, idiotic eyebrow thing. I didn't react at first, I just kept walking... And then realized that that really wasn't cool.

I've already lodged a complaint with the mall and sent off one to Verizon, as well. That is so gross and unprofessional and just UGH.
  • camyre

AmeriGas still being AmeriGas

Update to this post.

For the past few months, we've been doing surprisingly well with AmeriGas; our propane keeps getting delivered and nobody has tried to sabotage our devious plan to have hot water in the house lately.

A bit of backstory: Our neighbor has been using AmeriGas for years and claims that he's never had a problem with them. In fact, he's the one who referred us to them. I'm not really sure why he did that to us, since we've never "forgotten" to return any borrowed power tools or had pizzas sent to his house, but I digress.

A few days ago, we received a bill from AmeriGas. Normally, the fact that the bill had actually made its way to the house would be a shocker on its own, but there was something else that made this one stand out: we haven't had a delivery in weeks. Just to make sure, my dad checked the propane tank, and sure enough, it was only half full.

So we took a closer look at the bill and confirmed three things:

1. Propane had been delivered.
2. Specifically, propane had been delivered to the house next door.
3. Instead of doing the logical thing and billing the guy who actually got his delivery, somebody decided that it would be an absolutely fantastic idea to bill us instead.

To make things worse, this isn't just a case of getting the address wrong or something. The bill contained all of our details (names, etc.) without any mention of our neighbor except for the fact that the propane was delivered to his address.

Honestly, we've had it with these people. It's gotten to the point where we're almost too paranoid to call them about anything; it's like they're actively trying to screw up everything screw-uppable about our account.