March 30th, 2012

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Worthpoint inc is a website that appraises and sells antiques.  Several months back, almost a year ago, my sister and I cleaned out my grandmothers home and wanted to look into potential value of a set of antiques brought home from Japan by my grandpa after WWII. I made an account, used their service, but discovered it is not really what we were trying to look for, as we are not in fact selling the items.

I went through the hoops to deal with the fairly hard to find instructions to close your account well within the free period. 

I just noticed today that they have charged me every other month since then for their service.  (It always fell after a trip, so having not thought about that website I thought those charges were for travel related expenses, like some company name for a gas station)

There is no way to get into the account though to stop this since I -closed- the account!  It can't be that difficult Worthpoint!
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Katniss and Cinna


Okay, so I had two UPS packages scheduled to be delivered today. One required a signature, the other didn't. So I go and sit up in the living room, about ten feet from the door, to wait for them.

Suddenly the tracking on one package says delivered; the other says that they missed me. I go outside, and the one is shoved under the chair on the porch, while there's a "sorry we missed you slip" stuck to the door, saying they'll try again on Monday. Did I hear anyone knock? No. Of course not! I was right there with the dog in the living room, had someone knocked, I'd've heard it.

Called them up, stated I was not waiting until Monday, nor was I going to go to the delivery hub tonight after 7pm - they could redeliver, because the delivery was missed because they couldn't be bothered to knock. Got a call back about 20 minutes later saying the driver was on his way back out.

When the driver came back? He decided he had to drive down the street blaring his horn until he pulled up in front of my house, and didn't even get out of the truck until I came out and stood on the porch.

Just...what the hell? Not knocking on the door, okay, that's kind of standard for UPS, but the fact that he decided he had to honk his horn the entire way down the street the second time was
[[Rin]] Serene

Help With Filing A Complaint

Backstory about my shitty doctor.

Quick Update: The new HBC he gave me is the same as the first kind, just a different brand name.  So it'll probably make me spot and bleed forever, too.  Joy.

Question: I'm filing a complaint about my GP with the manager of the clinic he works at.  The manager will be calling me back [unsure if she works weekends, so maybe not until Monday] and I'll be discussing things with her over the phone.

I'd like some advice as to how to talk to her about this.  I'm absolutely enraged over my doctor's actions and attitudes and I want to get that across without, y'know, yelling and screaming at the poor woman.  I want to be classy about this but still get her to understand how mad I am.  I'd also like to know what sort of action[s] I should suggest be taken against him, if any, as a result of these issues.

Help, please?

Also, I live in BC, Canada--are there any provincial [or federal?] places I can go to about these issues as well?

PS: Please don't tell me to just go out and get a new GP.  There's a doctor shortage here and I only got into this guy's practice because my mother was a patient and begged him to take me, too.  I'm just here looking for help in making his horrid behavior known to the higher-ups.
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