March 27th, 2012


Someone's got a sense of humor

Quick follow up to this.

So we put a note on the trash cans asking the garbage people not to stack the bins together yesterday and they didn't, what they did was actually downright hilarious.  Now, I didn't actually get to see it since I was at school, so I heard it second hand from my landlord.  Instead of stacking the cans into one another the trash collectors made a trash can pyramid.  Apparently they turned the recycling pin upside down, put the large trash bin on top of it, then stacked the medium bin sideways on top of that.  They then drew a troll face on the note and put it back on the bins.  I wish I'd seen it, I'd probably have laughed myself silly.  My landlord promised to email me the pictures, so once I get them I'll add them to this post.
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Due to current circumstances, I needed to visit a food pantry. The only one in the area that doesn't have weird operation times (most of them are open for the first and fourth Tuesday of every month, or something along those lines) is the emergency pantry at Salvation Army.

When I walked in, the store was empty (no one behind the counter, no one shopping). After looking around, I found the office for the emergency food pantry. No one was at the desk. So I waited for a minute. Still no one. I noticed there was a bell, so I rang it. Waited a little bit longer. A lady finally stuck her head in the office. I told her I was there for the pantry. Rather than greeting me, or really saying anything at all, she rolled her eyes at me, grabbed a clipboard with some forms on it, and then shoved it in my general direction. Then she left.

So, I sat down and I started filling the forms out. When she came back, she sat at her computer and asked me a few questions -- name, address, phone number, blah blah. No big deal, except for the huge fucking tirade she went on when I gave her my name.

Me: "DancingSpiral Jones-Smith." 
Her: "Say that again?" (I'm actually really used to that reaction, as neither part of my hyphenated last name is simple.)
Me: "It's Jones-Smith. J-o-n-e-s hypen S-m-i-t-h."
Her: "... Oh. I don't see WHY women do that. You aren't better than your husband. Just take his damn name and be happy with it."

Up until then, I had been feeling pretty uncomfortable with the whole thing (no one wants to need to use a food pantry's services, and her behavior up until that point did nothing to help) but there... I was just flabbergasted.

Like I said, I'm used to explaining my last name. It's not the result of my own marriage, but my parents'. Rather than stick me with one or the other, they gave me both. The combination of the two is pretty unusual. I get that. I've been explaining that since I was 10.

As I'm sitting there mentally going, "WTFWTFWTF," she continues on with her questions. I don't remember what they were, just a few yes/no kind of things. Then she gets to the last one.

Her: "Do you have any children under the age of 18?"
Me: "Yes."
Her: "Of course you do."

She finally got up and started actually getting the food, and at this point I'm pretty much in tears.

I just... I don't fucking understand why any of that was necessary. For one, it's a supposedly Christian organization. What a great way to show that you're really holding to those tenants. For two, our local store is staffed by volunteers. If you have a problem with low-income families and people who wind up in shitty situations, WHY are you volunteering at a place that caters to them?

I hope she someday finds herself locked barefoot in a room of Legos. :|