March 22nd, 2012

Michelle big lips

Best Buy: We can't say no over the phone, so we lie.

My mother was doing some spring cleaning and found a GPS wall charger that had never been opened. She found the receipt in her files, and called Best Buy customer service to see if she would be able to return the item. She figured its been a few years, it's a long-shot, but what's the harm in calling? The customer service person on the phone looked up her order number, said they couldn't do a return, but if we went to the store they can do a "buy back" for the item. We went today to Best Buy so they could "buy back the item", and the customer service rep had no idea what were talking about. Basically blew us off, and she told us to go to Geek Squad. He couldn't help us, nor did he have any idea what we were talking about, so he told us to go to Customer Service, to wait on line again.

So thanks Best Buy! For either not training your corporate customer service, your in-store customer service, and wasting our time! We wouldn't have bothered to try and return it if we hadn't been given some idea of a "buy back".

So basically...if Best Buy's super-helpful corporate customer service team can't actually *do* anything for you, they recommend coming into the store so the customer services workers in there can make you feel like an idiot, blow you off and waste more of your time. This isn't the first time this has happened.