March 20th, 2012

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My wife & I went out to dinner tonight.

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TL;DR: restaurant offers a Groupon deal offering a five-course meal for $50. After fighting with the restaurant to actually use the voucher, they then try to charge us double the regular menu price for our meal and only allow us to apply $50 towards the bill using the Groupon voucher.
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Baaaaad Piercers

These are old incidents, and I don't know why I was reminded of them, but I was.

When I was 19, I did my research and decided to get my eyebrow pierced to attract attention upwards and away from some rather awful facial scarring I acquired shortly before beginning middle school (you can imagine how well that went over).  Long story short on that one...this first shop was pretty cool, and piercings are addictive!  However, going to school out of state meant no consistent shop.  The second one I went to was great.

I went to the third one with my mom.  Mission: rook for me, see if mom wanted to actually go through with a nostril piercing.

Mom's nostril piercing went fairly well.  She loves it, has had no problems, and has no regrets.  I have, however, forbidden her to return to that shop.  If you're in the business of sticking pointy things into people, you might just want to know what you're about.

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Fast forward several years and someone decided, for some reason, to take a nice, hard left turn into my car, totaling it and making the pain I'm already in even worse.  Cue the MRIs.

Living in a college town, we get athletic events.  I don't care about these until I can't use the roads and don't keep track of when they happen.  One of my tests was inadvertently scheduled for an athletic weekend.  All piercing shops are downtown (impossible to get to) for one.

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two sucks in one day

Suck the first: made an appointment online with the local Dodge dealership on my 2005 Dodge Dakota 4x4 to get the rack and pinion replaced sometime last week. The service appointment was set up for 7 am on the 19th. Got to the dealership right at 7, and the service advisor told me "oh, we won't have the part until 12:30, but we can do some of the other stuff you asked about. It will be finished today though." 5:00 rolled around, and I haven't received a call from the service department. When 6:00 hit, I called them, but my service advisor was on the other line, so i left a message. He called me back saying "uh, sorry, but we didn't realize that your truck is a 4x4, so it won't be done today." Huh? #1-I put "Dakota Quad Cab 4x4" in the make and model online and #2--it says 4x4 on the side! Really? Waiting until 12:30 to realize it's not 2 wheel drive when it says it on the side of the truck? What I'd like to know is why they didn't call me when they realized there was an issue? They claimed it will be done by 8:30 am tomorrow... we shall see.

Suck the second: it's raining in biblical proportions here tonight, and for some reason, the laundry room drains attached to my apartment get backed up. Last time, I was unable to flush the toilet for fear of flooding my bathroom. I ended up having to call in an emergency work order and have maintenance come out and fix it. Well, here we go again... I was laying in bed and hearing this blooping sound coming from the bathroom. When you gotta go, you gotta go, but once again, I couldn't flush the toilet. I had to shut the tank valve thing off. Even after I shut off the water to the commode, I kept hearing the blooping noise. I looked in the shower and there's water and sewage backing up into my tub. Tried to call the emergency maintenance number and the automated system wouldn't let me leave a message. Same thing for leaving a regular message for the leasing agent. I was able to put in a regular work order request online, but who knows when they'll be here to fix or rig it?

TL;DR: I have no truck and no bathroom.
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Updated BoA Suck

So an update to here.

I arrived home from my vacation to find two letters waiting for me. One requested a copy of mum's death certificate and one requesting paperwork naming me as the executor.

...ya know, the same information I've been faxing them for six blasted months.

I'm taking your guys' advice and storming BoA as soon as I can get a ride (I...uh...accidently let my car insurence lapse while on vacation, yes, I am that big of an idiot). Hopefully I can get this taken care of before they decide they really, really do want to foreclose on the house.

Thanks to you all for your support, this is the last mess left to deal with after mum's death and then I can get back to bitching about the occasional screw up in cs instead of major catastrophes.
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Terrible support from Second Life

My mom is a fairly well-known fashion designer on Second Life. One morning about a week ago she signed on and found her avatar to be bald and naked with a pregnant shape standing in a random sandbox location. All of her linden were gone (over 8k) and her entire inventory had been cleared completely (about 20k irl money). She contacted the people at SL to try and get her stuff back or at least be reimbursed. Their response? "We're unable to help you with this. Sorry for the inconvenience." That was their exact words. I personally think SL is stupid and don't like the idea of putting real money into a game, but this is very important for my mom and they didn't given the tiniest fuck about her being hacked.

GMGTrans and Greyhound Sucks...

My grandmother passed away a week ago and my sister was able to get off work right away while I had to wait until yesterday to come from South FL to Gainesville for the funeral, so I chose to bus it.

The first site I tried, on recommendation from a coworker, was GMGTrans. Apparently they do bus service mainly for college students but it's open to anyone and a good $25 cheaper than greyhound. The ride I wanted to book showed 11 seats available, but absolutely no information on where they pick people up. I tried to call the number provided on the site. The first number given was for emergencies and apparently only to be used by drivers, with a message stating this in the most long winded way possible (a good 3 minutes of talking to give the information I gave in six words). The second number was only available during business hours, m-f 10-4, despite being a strictly weekend service offered. I finally found where their pickup area was on the website under "contact us" (?!?) And decided to book a trip. The website showed eleven available seats. 6 hours after booking I receive an e-mail telling me no seats are available. Ok, it's after college spring break and its a student centered bus service to Gainesville so this wasn't terribly shocking. However, when I looked at their website the next day it still showed eleven seats available, and still showed them available an hour before the bus was set to leave (I had to check for the sake of curiosity). The website mentioned something about standby seating but it wasn't worth the risk to me, and I also noted that their front page had been modified and showed a completely different pickup location than the one that was still under "Contact Us". Both were mile markers on the FL turnpike (service plazas) about 15 miles away from eachother, which could really ruin someones plans if they guessed the wrong one.

So I decided to book Greyhound. The first leg was from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando on one of the highly advertised superawesomelynew busses with plugs and wifi. On arrival to Orlando I discovered that the only available smoking area was in front of the station and they had security checking bagsof people entering (which they didn't have at any of the other stations we stopped at which, to me, meant that so long as you stayed in the station the security check was a little pointless). I had an hour to kill and no contraband so no big deal anyways. On my way back in I got in line for the security check, I told the officer that the zippers on my backpack were tricky and opened them for her and requested that she not shut them for me. My other bag was an open top beach bag style so no issues, but the backpack was actually the last christmas gift my grandma had given me. It was a hilariously tacky Ed Hardy she had gotten on clearance at Marshalls (she knew I loved my EH hat and there was definite thought put into it) that had developed massive sentimental value for me so despite the ridonkulous amount of sequins and wonky zippers I loved it. She did the check, told me I should have named the CDs floating around in it as potential "sharp objects" (I foolishly thought a thick plastic rounded edge wouldn't be hazardous at all) and started to roughtly close the zippers. I stepped off the check mat and asked her to leave them open and reached towards the bag and she loudly ordered me back to the mat and to keep my hands down. I then got louder and said "do not touch those zippers, please!" to which she replied "is there a problem". I replied "only if 'please don't touch the zippers' is so truly baffling a request" and she said "sir, I don't appreciate your attitude" and I replied "unless bad attitude is on that list under drugs, alcohol, and weapons I frankly don't give a damn, now can I please finish up here so I can fix my backpack that you decided to manhandle?!?". She did the metal wand on my front and back, checked that I had a belt buckle, and then said "that jacket is a little big on you, don't you think?". I replied "you're job is to check bags and apparently ignore simple requests rather than comment on riders fashion choices, don't you think?" (and with the massive camel toe she was sporting, I imagine she could have used a little bagginess in her life tbqh). I went on into the station, ended up chatting with the bus driver and securing a good seat by sheer luck, and then the guard came by and told my driver "watch out he's a trouble maker", but the driver laughed when I just rolled my eyes at her so no harm done. When we boarded the bus it smelled...odd, and had no plugs or wifi and was obviously an older model bus, but I'm sure there's some caveat on their website about not all buses offering these amenities, but with how extensively they advertise it it's misleading at the very least and I felt so bad for the people stuck on that ass scented transport until Texas!

I have emailed both GMG and Greyhound yesterday and have yet to receive a response. Shocker.

Edited bc I booked a bus seat and not an entire city...