March 19th, 2012


Why do you keep doing this?

At my apartment there are three trash cans, one is mine, one is my landlord's, and one is a shared recycling bin.  It's pretty standard and not all that interesting.  Mondays are trash days and for the past three weeks the trash collector has been doing something that absolutely baffles and annoys the living crap out of me.  They take the trash then put all the bins inside each other.  The recycling goes inside my trash bin and my trash bin goes inside my landlord's bin so that you have to pull them apart to use them again.  They are similar sized and tend to stick together and any water or gunk left inside the bins coats the stacked one and will fly out at you when you yank them apart.  Do you have any idea how gross it is to do this?  My landlord and I have both called the trash company and complained, yet today they did it again.  Luckily it was warm enough that I could just hose them down, but it's still gross!
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Ongoing Medical B_S

Four Months Ago: I go to my GP and ask to get onto the birth control pill so I can stack and put off my periods.  He asks me why.  I tell him that I'm not a woman and my periods cause me severe distress and dysphoria.  He looks at me like I'm crazy.  I can tell he's thinking Of course you're a woman, you have breasts and a vagina!  He continues to ask me why I want birth control.  I keep repeating my periods cause me severe distress.  After about five minutes, he caves in and gives me three packs of Alesse.  The Alesse made me bleed for three months straight; not my doctor's fault, but relevant to the rest of this bad service.

Last Wednesday: I go back to my GP.  He gives me Tri-Cyclen Lo and sends me on my way.  I get home, do some research, and realize it's a triphasic [a different level of hormones each week] pill.  These are nigh impossible to stack for any long periods of time.  Two months?  You can do it.  But I want rid of my period for as long as possible without surgery, so Tri-Cyclen Lo is not for me.

An Hour Ago: I outright tell my GP that I need a monophasic [only one level of hormones for every week] pill so I can stack.  His response?  Monophasic pills don't exist.  Yeah, no.  Alesse is monophasic.  Dozens of fucking brands are monophasic.  Then he proceeds to tell me that no one has ever successfully stacked HBC for any amount of time, at all, ever.  No one.  Ever.  Pissed off at this point, I tell him to go to the pharmacy [thank God there's one inside of the clinic] and tell the techs about what I want.  Lo and behold--they have several brands of monophasic pills which will, most likely, allow me to stack and not have a period!

Fuck you and your ignorant self, doctor.

ETA: You are all wonderful, thank you. ♥
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Stupid customers are not an excuse for bad service.

A little backstory before the suck: my Brother doesn't have his license, so I have to drive him everywhere so even though he was the crappy customer and I wasn't, I was there.

My brother wanted to go grocery shopping, but he wanted to go to a grocery store gas station rather than the grocery store proper. Solely because the frozen burritos are bigger, despite everything costing a lot more in the gas station. He'd called to see how much was on his debit card and heard seventy dollars when it was really seventeen. But he doesn't know this until we check out.

He walks up with an armful of stuff and the cashier starts to check him out. I start to hand her a reusable bag but she's already putting stuff in plastic bags. No big deal, she probably didn't think we were together. So she puts the stuff from the plastic bag into the reusable one. She fills it, I take it, and a bag of Andy Caps hot fries falls out. So as I hand her the other reusable bag for the rest of the order, I throw the bag of hot fries that'd fallen on the counter into the empty. She doesn't like this, pulls it out of the bag, reaches across the counter to jerk open the one I'm holding and throws it in.

She finished the order and then comes the customer suck as my brother's card is declined for insufficient funds. So he pulls some energy drinks and frozen burritos out and asks her to take them off. She does and he still owes twelve cents. He says "I think I have that out in the car" and runs out, leaving me at the register to apologize. She's visibly grumbling and annoyed. He comes in a minute later and says he doesn't have the change and asks if she can she take a soda off.

She loudly exclaims "FORGET IT" finishes out the order somehow (I'm guessing the amount debited had already been approved and she did the twelve cents as cash), and sends us packing without a receipt. And the kicker? She hadn't even removed everything from the order my brother had asked her to, as she threw a couple of the burritos into the bag.

I get that my brother was annoying about the change and taking stuff off an order, as I was a cashier at two different stores, but when they ask you to take something off you take it all off, not just what you want to. And you always remain polite to a customer unless they're being abusive.
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