March 17th, 2012


Hair Salon

I typically don't go to the same stylist more than once because I just never get that attached to any one place. My last hair cut though, I loved it. It was the best cut I had ever received and I loved the stylist. She has since moved salons, so I decided that since it was time to get my hair cut again I'd make another appointment with her.

About two weeks ago I had an appointment scheduled. About two hours before the appointment the stylist called me and was extremely apologetic, but told me she had strep throat and asked if I could reschedule my appointment. Of course I don't want strep throat and of course she shouldn't be working while she's sick, so I told her absolutely, it was no problem.

I went back on her website that day and scheduled a new appointment, for today at 5PM. I would have preferred something during the week, but her availability during the week conflicted with everything I had to do, so despite it being St. Patrick's Day and in the evening on a Saturday, I scheduled myself for this appointment since it was the only thing available.

I received both a confirmation email and a confirmation text message when I initially scheduled the appointment. Yesterday I received a reminder email and a reminder text message with the time and date of the appointment.

I went to the salon today and arrived at about 4:55. There were three women sitting at the desk and two others were sweeping up hair. I didn't see my stylist anywhere. When I opened the door the three women at the desk stared at me, with a confused look on their faces. I told them that I had a 5 o'clock appointment with Jen. They stared at me again and then one of the women said, "Jen went home sick. We called you and left a message."

At this time I was holding my cell phone in my hand. It has been on all day. I have made and received calls. I had no missed call nor missed message. I did however have the text message from yesterday though, so I do know they had my correct number. I told the woman at the desk that I didn't receive the call, that I hoped Jen felt better, and if I could reschedule.

She stared at me for a second and then said, "I don't keep track of Jen's books. You're going to have to contact her and reschedule." I hardly am inclined to reschedule for a third appointment. It's hard enough to find an hour out of my day to be cancelled on twice.

There was no apology for not calling me (though they say they did) or anything. I felt incredibly uncomfortable the entire time I was in there.

Unfortunately for as much as I liked the last hair cut I had, I guess it's time to start going from stylist to stylist again until I get another cut I like.

I got a phone call from her today but was unable to answer. In the message she said she "hoped [I was] taken care of." I don't really know what this means or how I was supposed to get taken care of. She also offered for me to reschedule. I'm going to pass.