March 1st, 2012


Moving into a new place is always so fun

I'm pretty sure I'm getting bad service from someone, I just haven't narrowed down the culprit/s yet.

Due to our old landlord notifying us on the second of January that he was moving back to town and wanted his house back, preferably before our lease expired in April, my husband and I were encouraged to find a new home to rent as quickly as possible.

We ended up finding a place in our price range that we thought we could live with. The location wasn't ideal and the house had been vacant for over a year, but the landlord had just had it repainted and the carpet replaced. We were assured that all the smaller repairs we'd pointed out would be dealt with quickly.

So we moved in on the first of February and discovered that that small list of repairs was actually pretty extensive and included things like a non-functioning heater and AC (which was taken care of within the first week, thankfully). Collapse )

So - to sum up because that was much longer than I expected it to be - new rental property has lots of issues including dodgy plumbing and a dishwasher that may or may not be broken. The plumber says the dishwasher is the issue, the dishwasher repairman says the plumbing is the issue. End result, I still have a dishwasher that does not work and now my kitchen sink is trying to flood my kitchen again because the repairman.

Also, I have to work with the world's most disinterested realtor whenever I need something fixed, and it has taken a month just to reach today's stand off regarding the dishwasher.