February 17th, 2012

Annoying fly

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I ordered some wool fabric from a company called Dorr Mill Store. I didn't get an e-mail confirmation of the order and got worried. I e-mailed for a tracking number since my card was charged. I didn't get the number, but I got an e-mail back that it was shipped. I had to ask again for the tracking number, and again didn't get it, but was told it was going to arrive Valentine's Day. I was annoyed they wouldn't give me the tracking number and so called. I got an answering machine and left a message, and didn't hear back.

So now it's Valentine's Day, and I waited all day. No UPS. I sent an e-mail again asking for the number so I could look into it. Early the next morning I got an e-mail that it was delivered and left at the complex office. I went to the office, and they didn't get it, and when UPS did come, it was a small package, and the manager said the security tapes will back that up.

I went home and shot off a furious e-mail. I was lied to, I knew it at that point. Something was going on. So I called the customer service number again and finally got someone, who said it was delivered, and she'd get the number e-mailed to me. After a couple more calls from me and a couple more pissed off e-mails, I got the tracking number.

Nope, not delivered. I called Dorr Mill again, and again they said it was delivered and UPS said so. Liars! My complex manager didn't get it and UPS didn't deliver it! I called UPS and it turns out there Dorr Mill didn't give the full address. But I know they had it since they actually mailed an order confirmation. Now THAT did arrive on Valentine's Day with my correct address.

I called Dorr Mill again and had to use all my willpower to not scream at those liars who wouldn't own up to the mistake. I demanded someone call UPS and update the address since only the shipper can do that, and the hub the wool was at is in an industrial part of town without transit and I don't drive and wasn't going to take a cab 15 miles each way. So ended Wednesday the 15th.

Well now yesterday UPS still hadn't heard from Dorr Mill. I called and got the answering machine, so sent off another e-mail demanding compensation, even in the form of a credit, for their lies (all that are confirmable with all the e-mails) and their feet-dragging on updating the address. I got an e-mail back saying it wasn't malicious, no credit for me.

At about 6pm last night I called UPS and was very angry, and asked the woman I spoke with to please not take it as directed at her. I explained what happened and that Dorr Mill wasn't helping, and offered to scan and e-mail or fax the snail-mailed receipt from Dorr Mil showing the full address and that the return address is the shipper. The woman put me on hold to speak with her manager about the situation, and UPS decided to make an exception and allow the recipient to do the address update.

This morning I sent another e-mail to Dorr Mill, and another lie. Nancy said that she called on Wednesday to update the address. Yeah fucking right. The online tracking system has a notation about my call, but nothing about her. In fact, the online tracking shows an attempt to contact the sender.

I've never had a company lie to me repeatedly like this, and I have it all in e-mail. There was nothing said on the phone that wasn't said in e-mail.

The kicker is that the hundreds of dollars in wool I ordered ended up being reject-quality, what I'd expect to find in the bargain bin at a cheap fabric store. On top of that, while I know colors can be off if you compare to a computer screen, these colors are so far off that I really don't think they even sent the right fabric. For one, one of the fabrics is the faintest pink, and the other is somewhat lavender. So much for red and blue.

ETA, I was linked to another bad review of this store this week. I hope this was just a bad week for Dorr Mill, quality aside. :-(