February 16th, 2012


She wants her gun back. (Now with update)

Just got this one off my American flatmate, who is here on a transfer for a semester.

We live on a campus which is patrolled by security regularly and there's also a central office which doubles up as the post office. You can also go to security if you forget your key and need to be let back in to your room - they're supposed to write down who, when and what and all that on a duplicate form, and give you the white half of the form to note when you get locked out. They're supposed to escort you back to your room. Afterwards, they take a look at your student card to confirm your identity or a passport or licence. Something like that.  That's it.

She got locked out yesterday, and went to the security office in order to get back into her room; in her pyjamas - note, this is not an unusual occurance in the office, and usually you can feel quite safe to go and get someone. The guy escorting her, Dave, really skeeved her out - apparently, he kept saying things like, "We're supposed to write it down but you're so beautiful I won't this time." and "You're so pretty, just walking with you is enough." and being really really intense.

When she got back to her room, he was really flirty with her - and she got a bit forceful and made him leave.

This morning, there was a note shoved under her door, from him, with his contact information, asking her to call him. 

Now she's so weirded out she doesn't want to go and get her post in case she sees him. Not to mention, she's freaked out because security also have keys which unlock all the doors in the flats - thus this is slightly more than just potentially serious. I'm also scared - we live on the ground floor, and her window is not overlooked by anyone so he can peer in without being noticed, he has keys to get into every flat, and there are times when we are in here alone, both during the day and at night.

She's going to talk to our warden, and I've promised to go with her to make sure it doesn't happen again.


She reported it to the warden tonight, which brought both ours and the head warden to our flat to ask her some questions. They're taking it to the next warden meeting to see how to take it forward from here. They've told her to be careful, take someone with her if she goes to get post, and whatnot. They're not saying anything to the security team for now, in case he kicks off, but they want her to be cautious and let them know if anything else untoward happens.