February 15th, 2012

UPS - You lazy...

They left me a note.

A note on my gate.

The gate I left open for them, so they could deliver my package.

Saying that they couldn't deliver my package.

Wow, they sure know how to do their job, don't they?

He didn't even attempt to deliver the package, he just stuck the note on there and drove off as fast as he could. (I know, because I've been looking every two seconds out the window, and never saw anyone walk up with a package (or even saw the truck 'til it was driving off).

Thanks, so much. Now I have to waste YET ANOTHER of my days at home, waiting for the package, because they can't decide whether they'll deliver between 9AM or 9PM.

Edit: I just got a call (scheduled for 9AM and it's 7AM), from the person I assume is the manager, doing everything to pin the blame on me or my gate ("Was your gate closed after he left the slip?" Yea, because he closed it putting the slip on the gate. "Maybe someone came in after you opened your gate?" I can hear the gate from my window that faces the gate in the courtyard, not to mention my balcony that I kept wandering out onto to keep an eye out for him/his truck, no one came in/out), rather than his driver.

Love it when the customer is the one who made the package undeliverable, despite doing everything I could short of literally sitting in front of my gate waiting.

Then he told me, "I dunno, we'll see what we can do to get this delivered. Maybe he'll call you, I dunno. Probably not." :|

At least he said, "It'll be around the same time tonight." So.. sometime between 5-8PM.