February 2nd, 2012

Gypsy Eye

at least I got some exercise...

A bit of teal deer but here goes. I am partially blind so I don’t drive. Yesterday, my neighbor was going to run some errands and asked if my daughter & I wanted to go with her.

While we were out, her car broke down. Luckily, we were near a large shopping center when it happened so she just pulled in and called for a tow truck. I decided to call a cab because I had several bags with me and didn’t really want to walk the mile or so back to the apartment (I’m in Texas, btw, and it was beautiful outside so weather wasn’t a factor).

I called one cab company and the dispatcher said he didn’t know if they had anyone in my area but would call back if there was a problem. He did call back about 5 minutes later and said he didn’t have anyone that could make the pickup, but gave me the name & number of two other cab companies that could help.

I called Executive Cab because I’ve used them in the past and really liked them. I gave them the address (we were in front of a grocery store) and was told a car would be there in 15 minutes. My daughter and I sat on a bench outside the store and waited.

And waited. And waited some more. After half an hour, I called Executive again. Was told that a car would be there in 15 minutes. We waited 20 minutes with no cab and I called again.
Again, I was told the driver would be there in 15 minutes.

At this point, it was getting close to 1:00 and we hadn’t eaten lunch yet so I called the second cab company but was told it would be half an hour or more before they could send anyone, so my daughter & decided to walk home.
The street that we live on is a very busy 6 lane road that runs between 4 different cities. There are no sidewalks on this stretch of the road so it was a fun walk home (not!).

It took almost an hour to make it back because we had to stop and rest often (my daughter has asthma and I didn’t want to send her into a full-blown attack).
We pretty much collapsed when we got home and went about our business. I’d kinda forgotten about the whole thing until around 5:30, when I got a text from the cab company telling me that Cab #123 had been dispatched to my location!

A few mintues later I get a call from the cab driver telling me he was at the shopping center to pick us up. I told him that we were at home already, since it had been 5 HOURS since I called. He basically hung up on me.
Shortly after, I get a call from the dispatcher, wanting to know why I wasn’t at the pickup location. Again, I told her I was at home already because it had been 5 hours since I called for the cab, was told it would be 15 minutes and we had waited there for an hour before walking.
She said that in the future, I shouldn’t call for a cab if I didn’t really need one.

Now, maybe I’m wrong, but if someone calls for a cab and asks for the cab then, wouldn’t it be safe to assume they need the cab then, not hours later?

*edited to fix line breaks (I hope!).


Dear staff at a bistro I was in earlier today,

Soda water is not an acceptable substitute for lemonade. I ordered lemon-lime and bitters, I was expecting to get lemon-lime and bitters. What I got was soda lime and bitters, as did several other people on my table. People who ordered raspberry lemonade? They got raspberry in soda water. People who ordered lemonade? Soda water, straight.

I'm... really not sure how you managed to screw up this badly, guys. I get that the majority (as in all but 2) of you are trainees, but seriously, this is beyond basic.

If you were out of lemonade, that's fine. You came up to inform the people who ordered coke when you ran out of that, so why wouldn't you say anything? I would have ordered something else (certainly nothing with soda water in it, since I hate the stuff). The only other reasons I can think of for why this would happen is if you just thought we wouldn't notice/care that you'd given us the wrong thing, or that someone brought out the wrong bottle and nobody behind the bar noticed they were using the wrong thing (I guess it's an easy mistake to make if you take the labels off...?). If either of these are the case then I really have nothing to say.

I hope your training proves useful.