January 30th, 2012

audrey reading

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I'm just getting hugged far too often by a Big Issue seller on the street. It's not really bad service, but I feel like I need to vent about it, because there's no real avenue for me to complain.

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ETA: I put the teal deer behind the cut. Thanks for all of your lovely, helpful and well-informed suggestions! I'm going to try to avoid this particular seller's pitch, because the anxiety from the hugging outweighs the inconvenience of dodging around my door like a frightened bunny. But because women on a public street should not have to feel like frightened bunnies, regardless of how socially awkward hugphobic and Pythonaphalesque they may be, and because the seller may hug women who feel differently, I've contacted the Big Issue with my concerns. I paraphrased some of your comments, because they were smarter than mine. ♥