January 27th, 2012

Sims2: Rugby

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Long story short: I am moving on Saturday. This just got completely confirmed yesterday, so I could not set up a service transfer before tonight. However, once confirmed, I was able to set it up.

The scene:

Me: The star of the show, calling TWC to transfer my Service. Call center monkey who tries very hard to not be the crappy customer I see on an hourly basis.
SP0: SPllama who got locked out of her system
SP1: Douchellama
SP2: Awesomellama

Me: *explains I am moving, gives current address, gives new address*
SP0: *tries to log into her system to check the new address and such for service availability*
SP0: *Gets locked out* I'm really really sorry! I am going to transfer you to another rep who will be able to assist, I am locked out for the next half hour or so, I am REALLY sorry!
Me: No no, Its fine. I've managed to do it myself. I am a call center rep, and if I try more than three times, I'm effed for a half hour. Thanks for trying though!
SP0: *transfers me*

Me: *explains the situation again, gives same info*
SP1: *tries to find new address* I cannot find that road, I can find rt 176 and rt 178 but this shows rt 177 as not existing.
Me: No, the downstairs apartment has TWC, you guys definitely service the area. Please try to find it?
--20 minutes later--
SP1: I'm still not finding it, I do not think we have service in that area.
Me: No, the downstairs apartment has service with you guys. Its there, please look again.
--5 minutes later--
SP1: I'm not finding it. *transfers me back into the starting phone queue without warning*

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