January 26th, 2012

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Alpha-numeric fail

Within the past few months my local Timmy's has been issuing order numbers to customers who order more than just a coffee - great!  No more getting to your desk, opening the sammich wrapper and seeing something unfamiliar.  No more time wasted going over the details or having to ask other customers what they ordered... or having other people touch my food to see what my food is.

Buuutt..  if the cashier issues me an order number and the employee bringing out the orders from the kitchen area calls out the order by name (breakfast sandwich on a such-and-such)....  *system breaks*

Also, the fact that the employee bringing me the order KNEW the order number when I told her...  just..  ARG.  Please co-ordinate.  Luckily, there wasn't an agressive and hungry businessman in front of me, almost body-checking me out of the way to grab the sandwich he may have thought was his (that was Monday - sandwich had to be made again for me).

Also, sighing loudly at me wasn't appreciated.  You made you look stupid, not me.  I didn't just make that number up to annoy you.

This has happened about 3 times in past week or so.  I was understanding when this breakdown occurred in the early stages, but c'mon.  I may start going to the McDonald's nearby if this doesn't stop.
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Newcastle - Milennium Bridge

Job Centre Suck

I work very irregular part-time hours (I'm a substitute teacher and work here is scarce), and as I've worked a couple of days recently, I've been expecting a letter from the JobCentrePlus unemployment benefits processing centre, telling me I've earned too much to be eligible for Job Seeker's Allowance for that week. That part's totally fine - some weeks you earn a lot, some weeks you earn nothing at all so are eligible for payment.

What I was not expecting, however, was to receive a copy of A COMPLETE STRANGER'S declaration of hours worked, including such confidential information as her full name and home/work addresses, her manager's name and signature, and HER NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER - the UK equivalent of a social security number.

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I loathe Sallie Mae

I used to have more than four loan servicers, one for each year of grad school depending on who gave the school the best deal, plus one for non-Stafford loans. It gets annoying, but I had it under control. Sallie Mae then buys my loans from Citi who had up to that point been perfectly competent. "Oh good," I naively think, "one less servicer to deal with!"

They have completely screwed everything up and tried to up my loan payments by $500/month on my IBR plan. To make a long story short, Citi sent me an IBR renewal form a couple days before selling  my loans to SM. Shortly after I received a form from SM to renew my IBR with them and was quite silly to think they would apply it to ALL my Stafford loans.

It's been two months and they still can't figure out the problem. The CSRs don't give half a crap and simply expect me to pay the extra $500 on my teeny salary without understanding the problem. Half my loans are on the right plan, the other half are messed up. The last CSR I spoke to had a VERY heavy Irish accent and I could hardly understand her at all. They made me take a month of forbearance which is limited in total time available to sort out THEIR error. It's been two weeks and it's still not straightened out. I have no clue what the magic words are to get this fixed. I want to pull my hair out. They even insisted that the day they RECEIVED my documents was actually the day they were mailed to me. 

UPDATE: They seem to have fixed the problem, but their website is so awful it's hard to be sure. I can't even figure out how to view my letters from them without going through the links in their emails. I supposed we'll see once I get my new statement.