January 25th, 2012



I would classify this as Slightly Annoying & Amusing Service rather than actual OMG bad service, because it actually made me chuckle a bit whilst being a complete waste of ten minutes of my life.

Ever since the BlockBuster down the road closed, my boyfriend and I usually just Redbox it or take our chances on the $5.00 bin at WalMart. He was in the mood for a series, and I had never seen The Matrix, so off I went to WalMart to buy the it because they had the 4-DVD set for $10.00. I picked up a couple of other movies as well, and some snacks, and headed for the register. I was so busy talking to the cashier about grapes vs pretzels in the packages of sliced apples, that I only grabbed one of my bags when I left. My fault completely- this is not the SA&AS. I didn't realise until I got home, of course, at which time I immediately phoned WalMart to let them know. The CS person said that my bag of DVDs was waiting for me at the service desk. Groovy. I said I would be there within 10 minutes.

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Went to the doctor for a sinus infection today.

I've had really bad luck with our university health center, so I should be surprised. First, the nurse had to try to take my blood pressure 7 times. 6 times with the automatic one which clearly wasn't working. Now, it isn't her fault that it wasn't working, but why would she try that many times before getting the manual one?

But the real bad service was the doctor. Now, I told him my symptoms (constant headache and completely stuffed sinuses for a week and a half that drugs aren't really helping, vertigo, sore glands, scratchy throat, being really tired and yet having trouble sleeping) and that I rarely get fevers even with sinus infections (my natural body temperature is around 97.8, so it takes more for me to get a fever). I also told him that I had gotten over a cold a few weeks ago and so things had been sitting around in my sinuses for a while. Here in Texas, cedar pollen is bad right now, but that is one of the things I'm not allergic to. So, when he suggested that as a cause, I told him that I'm not allergic to cedar and that this is not how my allergies manifest themselves anyways.

And yet, he insisted that it must be allergies and refused to prescribe anything except for a nasal spray. He said that if it was still bad in a week to come in again. As if one week already wasn't enough and as if I didn't know my own body and allergies. So, another week of feeling lousy.

Maybe I'm reacting too strongly on the count of not feeling well, but aren't doctor's supposed to listen to patients? And just because I have some allergies doesn't mean I'm allergic to everything.

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Something somebody posted in c_s recently reminded me of this, and I posted this story in the comments there but wanted to make an entry about it here. This was about 2 years ago that this happened so my memory is a bit shaky, but this is how I remember it.

I was at Walmart with some items. I was in a hurry, and I always refuse bag checks anyway but this time especially there was a long line. As I walked out the door, a greeter tried to stop me for a check, and I said "no thank you" and kept walking. I could hear the women calling after me, but I just ignored her.

Then I felt a hand on my arm.

The greeter had chased me out into the parking lot and GRABBED ME me because I had refused a bag check. I had the biggest look of "WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM" on my face, and she called for security and then demanded to know why I had dared walk by her. I told her, as politely as I could (considering I was both terrified and extremely annoyed) that the law was on my side. She then just made me stand there waiting, humiliated, for the security guy to come (with me thinking that I was going to get handcuffed or something), while other customers were staring and pointing at me. The security guy gets there and the greeter goes "I think she stole something!", and I of course was thinking "WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM" again. She gave me this smirk and said "HE is able to force you to open your bag!", and the guy confirmed her statement and grabbed my bag. They checked my bag to see that I HAD STOLEN NOTHING and then let me go, at which point I got in my car and panicked.

Later in the day, I had gone and found the specific California law (which states that no, security guards CAN'T force you to open your bag wat), and went back to the store and complained to a manager about what had happened, telling him that the store really can't go making their employees think that customers don't have a legal right to refuse. I really don't blame the employees because they think they're doing what's right - I blame Walmart 100%. There's really nothing wrong with refusing a bag check - sure, bag checks don't take up much time but when there's a long line of people, it's nicer to just get the hell out of the store. Plus, I was in a hurry - and naturally my hurry got all messed up by the fact that the lady had chased me down and forced me to wait for a security guard so that HE could check my bag.

Bad Restaurant Service

I have celiac disease, which means I am intolerant to anything with gluten. Obviously, it can be limiting especially when dining out at restaurants, which is why I try to go to restaurants I know either have a gluten free menu or can cater to people who are gluten free.

Over the weekend, my husband and I stopped by a restaurant for lunch. The place wasn't really busy, probably not even half-full. When our waitress came to get our orders, I did my typical, "I can't eat anything with flour, wheat, or gluten." I ordered a salad, specifying it be without any croutons or toppings, and a burger without a bun. Easy enough.

Except when the salad came out and I bit into it, something crunched. And not in a "oh look, a hidden tomato" type of way. My heart sunk when I realized I had bit into some kind of crunchy noodle that from the texture, definitely seemed to have gluten in it. There was not a mention anywhere on the menu about noodles being in the salad. We called the waitress over and asked if she could find out what was in the noodle. When she came back, she told her the chef said it might have gluten in it. Terrific.

We debated asking for a manager, but this is a particularly busy time of the year for our town, and figured we would have just gotten waved off. Maybe we should have but honestly, getting money off of the meal isn't going to make my reaction any better. Because as it turns out, yes, the noodle had gluten in it and I've been paying for it. Service like this is so frustrating to me because I am so up front about what I can eat and try to pick things that can be easily accommodated, like a salad. Needless to say, we will not be going back to that restaurant.

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So I found out two weeks ago after applying for a job for the second time that they really liked my application the first time around, but that I would not be interviewed because of felonies on my background check. Obviously, I was pissed because I've never been arrested, I was worried about identity theft, and it just cost me a job. And this is only one that I know of, because apparently these are from 2005 and I have no idea what other jobs I applied to used my social security number for a background check instead of just my name. So.

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Irritating Service from AE

On NYE, I placed an order with American Eagle for a few things. It didn't ship for a while, and when it did, the tracking number never worked. I called them and told them it didn't work, they seemed confused and told me to call USPS. I did, they told me they didn't have a record of it. I called AE back, they called USPS to confirm what I told them, and then said if I didn't receive my stuff by the 19th, they'd refund me. It turned up the next day, with a completely different tracking number.

Placed another order with them last week, same thing happened with the tracking number. This time I didn't bother phoning anyone, and it turned up yesterday, again with a different tracking number. What I bought didn't fit, so I returned the stuff today, and ordered a different item instead. Got the shipping notification...tracking number doesn't work.

Seriously, wtf? I've now ordered with them 4 times - the first time I got free 2-day shipping, and had no problems with the tracking number. Every other time, it's been standard shipping and the number doesn't work. It ships via UPS Mail Innovations, but the number never works with either UPS or USPS' website. It seems like a bad idea on their behalf, because there's nothing (aside from honesty) to stop me claiming I never got my stuff and getting a refund, because they can't prove otherwise. Plus it's really irritating to not know where my stuff is, when I'm supposed to be able to track it.