January 23rd, 2012

what the shit

One of these things is not like the other

So, last week, I misplaced my umbrella on the bus. Yes, yes, I know, my own fault. On Friday, I asked the inspector at the station if it had been handed in; and apparently it had, and was at the depo. He'd send off for it and it'd be here Monday. Hooray!

Or not.

The umbrella I described: A small, clear, collapsible umbrella with no point at the end, a hooked handle and black frills.
The umbrella that was sent: A large, clear, not collapsible umbrella with a point at the end, a straight handle and no decorations.


Time to go shopping for a new brolly, methinks.
"His turn to die a martyr was yet to com

Witnessed BS at Rymans

There is a branch of Rymans just a few doors down from one of London's biggest Post Offices, right on Trafalgar Square. They have a DHL desk within the shop.

I was queueing at the counter being a very well-dressed elderly woman who was clearly ESL - I would guess at Japanese - who had just paid for a postcard and asked for directions to the Post Office.

The clerk told her she could send her card via DHL from the shop. Fair enough.

Except she made it clear that she didn't need a courier service, just an airmail stamp, and could he direct her to the post office.

This is where the Bad Service started.  The clerk insisted  - in VERY - LOUD - SIMPLE -  ENGLISH - that DHL was exactly the same service as the Post Office, at the same price. No matter how firmly she insisted - politely - that she only needed directions, he refused to answer her. Or to admit that the courier service would cost 10 times as much as a stamp. 

At the point where he started to fill in an Airway form, and I was about to interrupt and give her directions myself ("that door, turn right, 20 feet")  - her friend rescued her, having found the Post Office himself.

Are Rymans staff on commission?  And how many visitors to London are they successfully fleecing in this way?