January 14th, 2012

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Walmart.com bad service

Is it a surprise that I got bad service from Walmart?

Recently Walmart.com had a really good deal on baby formula. I bought 3 4-packs, so 12 cans. In the mail I got 3 cans and no mention of where the rest of my order was. I checked the order status online and it said that all 12 had been shipped.

I emailed to ask what happened to the rest of my order and was told that it was now out of stock and they would refund me the difference. I replied that I didn't want a refund and that I could wait until it was back in stock. The reply was again that it was out of stock and they were issuing a refund. I replied again that I understood that it was out of stock. I could wait until it was back in stock. Or I could even go pick it up at my local store, if that was an option. The reply seemed like someone didn't even read most of my email, said again that it was out of stock and they were issuing a refund

I called and was told that they couldn't do that, that when it was back in stock I could just reorder it, at regular price, of course. After going back and forth with the rep, explaining that I made the purchase only because of the lower price and didn't want it at a regular price, I was told that I couldn't have the rest of the order for the price that the website advertised and allowed me to place an order with.

(And to add, I placed my order around 9am, and around 2pm I emailed a friend with a link to the sale item, and they were still showing in stock. Around 7pm I checked the website, thinking I might order a few more cans, and at that point they were showing out of stock.)

So, to sum it up, I was never informed about an issue with my order, and then Walmart wouldn't honor the price they advertised on their website, instead cancelled a portion of my order and told me that if i wanted it I'd have to pay a higher price, because they made an error and only shipped out 1/4 of my order.
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Confusing service from Target.com

After a failed attempt at making my own curtains, I gave up and found some nice ones on clearance on Target.com. I ordered one item (a pair of panels) on 01/10/12, via Paypal. And promptly forgot about it.

Then, on 01/13/12, I realise I haven't heard anything about the curtains. No order confirmation email, nothing. Of course, I didn't sign up for a Target.com account, so I can't track my order status. Confused, I start to wonder whether or not I did actually finish ordering them. I check my bank, nothing debited from Target.com. I freely admit this part is my fault. I ordered another set of curtains. However, after I ordered them (because I'm super smart, not) I checked Paypal. The first transaction, from the 10th, was "in progress". The second transaction was "pending". Sigh.

I email Target, and explain my mistake. I ask if they can please cancel the duplicate order, and advise what was happening with the first one. They replied and asked for all my information, which I gave. Today, I got an email from them saying:

Don't worry – I verified that your Target.com order didn't go through. I double checked the system for orders associated with the email address xxxx@xx.com but there's no matches found.

If you'd still want the item, please feel free to place an order. If you're having problems placing an order, give us a call at (800) 591-3869- we're here to help!

Thanks for getting in touch. I hope you'll visit Target.com again soon.

Um...so what are those transactions on Paypal then? And how do I get rid of them? I have a bad feeling about just taking Target at their word, because I worry that eventually those Paypal transactions will go through. I have placed an order at Target.com before and paid with Paypal no worries. I'm certainly not ordering *another* pair of curtains at this stage! Has anything like this happened to anyone in this comm before?