January 5th, 2012

Annoying Apartment Management (this may get long)

We've lived in the same apartment complex since September of 2010. Up until this year, we've never had a problem. The apartments were built in the 60's, so they are a little old, but still nice and well maintained for the most part. At first, we moved into a one bedroom apartment on the second floor because we wanted quiet. What we didn't realize was how steep the stairs were going to be. In November of 2010, I found out I was pregnant with our first child. So, we moved to a two bedroom apartment in May of 2011 since our son was due in July. We decided to move to a first floor apartment so we wouldn't have to climb steep stairs with our baby and a car seat. We expected to hear SOME noise from the upstairs neighbor, but nothing compared to what we've gotten.

In August, a month after our son was born, the guy upstairs decided to get a 70-80 pound pit bull/boxer mix. I have nothing against dogs. I have one myself and I love them. But when you can't take them outside or properly care for them, that's when I have a problem. First off, the weight of this dog is clearly breaking the lease agreement. Secondly, why get a huge dog if you're on the second floor of an apartment? Anyway, we can hear the dog running around all day, but it usually gets worse at night. One night, it got so bad right after our son was put to sleep and woken up by the noise (his bedroom door actually shook from the commotion going on upstairs), that my husband went to talk to the tenant. He apologized and said he was wrestling his dog. When the commotion and noise continued, we decided to call the apartment management. They said they would take care of it. Well, the noise continued and got worse. We saw the upstairs neighbor one day while taking our own dog outside. He asked us sarcastically if the noise was still bothering us. We told him truthfully that it was. He just shrugged and went upstairs. It got bad again one night so my husband did the immature thing and hit the ceiling with a broom (after our son was woken up ONCE AGAIN). He was frustrated. The guy decided to jump up and down for a while causing the apartment to shake again. We complained to the apartment management two more times.

Today, we opened our back door to our patio to let the dog out for the first time in a long time. We both gagged because it smelled like pee and poop outside. We then discovered that the guy upstairs had been letting his dog pee and poop on his balcony and washing it off onto ours. We called the apartment management today for the FOURTH time about the noise and about the newest issue, and they said they would write him a note and to call them if it continued. 

I can't wait to move out of here. The bad service is this: we've been complaining of noise since August. Nothing has been done. The lease clearly states that dogs need to be under 30 pounds. This dog weighs AT LEAST 70. We plan on moving out when our lease is up in April. We would have stayed here had it not been for this nonsense.

Oh, and also, we've had a light switch short in our bathroom for the past three weeks. I put in a maintenance request THREE WEEKS AGO. Nothing has been done.

Sorry for the length.