January 4th, 2012

No Worries

Get Your Jack Out of the Crack

My brother and I decided to hit up Jack in the Box for lunch about a week ago. We were hungry, and in a hurry to get back home to finish up a project we were working on at the house. I ordered a hamburger deluxe with cheese, and my brother got the Outlaw burger. A order of medium fries to share, and we were set.

We did not go to the drive-thru because it seemed a bit busy, and we also didn't know what we wanted right away. We were patient and as polite as possible. We both have the thought process if we're nasty with people who handle our food, who knows what they'd do with it. When I worked at Pizza Hut, I had a co-worker (total co-worker suck btw) put mushrooms that were going bad on a pizza because the lady was rude on the phone. Anyways, we were nice, and stood out of the way while we waited for our number. We hear, grab our food, and go. Normally I check the bag before we leave, but this particular time I didn't. My mind was full of other things, but that's no excuse. My fault.

We get home, which is not in town, and we discover I did not get what I ordered. It is smaller and lacking cheese and a tomoato. My brother's burger is sans onion rings, but at least the fries are correct, so we munch on those and decide to go back, because let's face it, we were cheated out of our money.

We went back, told the lady what had happened, and says they'll replace them. Okay, good. How nice of them to make a speedy burger. We get it, and my brother's is correct this time, but mine has bacon on it. I HATE bacon. I say "Bacon?" upon discovering it, and it's within hearing range of the lady who gave us the burger. She says she decided to add it to be nice.

Then I tell that I'm sorry, but I hate bacon. Then she ROLLS HER EYES and says "So much for doing someone a favor."

I'm sorry? What? This is not the burger I ordered. If you had just given me the burger I had wanted in the first place, I'd been quite happy. I appreciate the notion of giving me something extra, but one can't assume that I want bacon. What if I was allergic or something?

So she tosses in the can, and orders a remake. It takes a bit longer, and I finally get it. I thank her, go to inspect it after turning around and walking out the door, but she snaps, "Don't worry, it's CORRECT this time. No need to double check our work." I leave upset with her shitty attitude about the whole thing, and when we get home, I discover that it's one of the sloppiest made burgers I have ever seen. Totally skimped on the lettuce and onion too.

Tsk, tsk. Don't know if I'll go back for a while.

EDIT: I'm very sorry if I offended anyone with my original wording. It seems I am just extremely ignorant and had no idea where that word had originally derived from. Honest mistake.