January 3rd, 2012

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Vet Receptionist Fail

Maybe it's just me, and you can tell me I'm wrong. But should I have to prompt the receptionist for everything? I e-mailed a couple days ago, no response, so called yesterday and got that they were out until today for New Years. So I called today.

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For the most part, when my husband and I go out to eat, we get pretty good service. We're 20% tippers (we've worked for tips for a huge part of our marriage) and we've found that nearly every server more than deserves it.

So, it's been odd that one of our favorite family restaurants has failed so utterly the last two times we've been there.

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Dear Nurse(? Receptionist? I'm not sure of your occupation, as you were wearing scrubs but were in the waiting room most of the time, taking down the Christmas decorations):

You work in an office where there are often - up to and including a dozen times a week - top surgeries for female to male trans men. You know this, I would hope.

You should really, really not be saying the word 'tranny' extremely loudly, while insisting that a male-to-female trans person recently in the news was a man. And you should almost certainly not be arguing with someone who is currently accompanying someone who is getting top surgery done about this. If you don't know that this is offensive, you should NOT be working there.

[I am not only out-of-state but out of country atm, and I don't know if this is something I can actually complain about, or how to go about it, or if it's even worth it, but I at least needed to vent because I don't want to bother my friend or his mother about this just after the surgery.]

At least Moriarty would be fun...

Student Finance.

I would like to say one thing. I would like to say just one thing because you really really deserve nothing less. 

I hate you.

There. I said it. I hate you such much right now, I cannot contain my hatred. With all the heat of a thousand suns, and the hatred of a hundred million Twi-haters, and the fiery passion of a thousand billion Airbender lampooners, I hate you. I could light your entire complex on fire, and still my hatred for you would not be appeased.

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