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Amusing bad service...or at least, really really late service.

My dad wanted this boxed set of Western DVDs for Christmas last year, so my mother ordered it from Amazon.com around October 2007. She waited a few months and nothing came, so she contacted Amazon and they offered to send her another DVD. She waited a few months for that DVD to come and got nothing, so she told Amazon to just cancel the order and got her money back. Problem solved.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when we get a UPS package from Amazon. My mother, confused because she didn't order anything from them this year, opens it up to find the Western DVD set. At first she thinks that maybe she did try to order it again this year and just forgot about it, until she looks at the packing slip - which is from October 2007!

We're wondering if next year we'll get the second DVD they tried to ship out.
Tags: shipping shenanigans
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