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Now it's the BUSINESS making up laws, not the customer

I felt bad for this woman in front of me and her baby today.

I'm taking a business trip to Reno on Monday (no, nothing that involves doubling down or rolling any dice :-) ), and, since I don't trust my winter driving skills enough to trek over the Sierra, I'm taking an All West bus up Sunday afternoon. Anyway, this woman was trying to buy a ticket to Reno, but the clerk wouldn't let her. The clerk said that "The baby can't ride the bus. Because we go to Reno, and Reno has casinos, you have to be 21 to ride. I can sell a ticket to you, but not the baby. Nevada State Law."

"That's bullshit!" the woman in front of me said. I agree.

Just because Reno HAS casinos doesn't mean that's why people go there. (My impending visit, for example, has nothing to do with gambling.) There are over 200,000 people in the Reno-Sparks metro area; this woman was just trying to get up there to visit her family for Christmas. Now she has to find some other way.

By the way, I have a Bachelor's degree in Government and have been a political junkie since I was only a little older than that poor baby. That may or may not be Nevada law (seems improbable), but even if it is, since I'm in California (Sacramento area), the bus is therefore INTERSTATE transportation and subject to FEDERAL regulations, not STATE regulations. As far as I know, there's no Federal law that requires bus companies to refuse service to minors going to Reno. (Besides the fact the baby is what, maybe six months old? I doubt she's gonna go lose a bunch of money in the Keno room.)
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