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I've been holding on to this one

As someone that has worked in retail and customer service, I've always tried to remain professional and for obvious reasons I try not to be the subject of C_S LJ community.

Here goes:

In April of 2008, my fiance Scott, my son, and I attended the home opener for the Chicago Fire football match (Chicago Fire is a "soccer" team). Anyway, we were walking around looking for some Fire scarves. Unfortunately all of the stores were sold out. As we were walking around looking for said scarf, we came upon a bank booth. The booth was giving away the scarf my fiance wanted. We approached the young ladies to inquiry about the scarves and we were told that in order to get one we would need to open a checking account with as little as $25. So I said what the heck. I really didn't need another checking account but if it got me the scarf, I wouldn't need to hear my fiance whine about it.

Even though it was the beginning of April, it was a rather cold and windy day. And in football (soccer) matches are hardly ever called off because of rain. So we were a little bit cold and wet. Stuff was flying off the booth's table and the young ladies constantly picking up the brochures. I sit there and fill out the paperwork. And the young lady begins to data enter the information on the computer. Everything is going fine and then it happens: the computer crashes. She has to reenter the information again, and again it crashes. Now, this in itself isn't the bad_service, as it wasn't her fault that computer didn't want to work. So instead of having me wait again she took my information and handed over the scarf to me. We all walk away.

Good and fine...until....I hear.


I turn around and it's the "branch manager" running towards us. He then proceeds to tell me that I have to give back the scarf since I didn't open up an account with them. I assured him that I did:

Branch Manager: No, you didn't, since the computer didn't issue you an account number.

Me: Well *Jennifer* tried entering the information 3x and something happened. She has all my information.

Branch Manager: I'm sorry but you have to give the scarf back.

So, I look at my fiance Scott and he just has that look on his face (and he looked like he really wanted to kill this guy). I hand over the scarf and we continue to walk to our seats.

Seriously. I was really embarrassed that he did this in front of a a lot of people. I really didn't want anything to do with the bank after the incident. If the "branch manager" does this in stadium what will he do in a small bank? I was going to email the young woman that was helping me open the account to tell her not to bother that I don't want to business with them.

In the end, it all worked out well as she contacted me the next business day to get my account started. She also mailed me TWO scarves to make up for the rudeness of the branch manager.
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