December 29th, 2011


Homeowner's Association/Property Management bad service

I'm so angry right now. I got a bill in the mail from the property management company that handles my homeowner's association. The bill was for $113. I was very confused, because I have my payments set automatically on my bill pay. I looked up the history and all the payments had gone through, so I called. Apparently I messed up and only sent $161 every month when the actual payment should have been $165. I admit that this was my mistake, and if they had notified me when it happened I would have gladly paid the $4 difference and the $15 late fee, because I goofed. They didn't notify me however. In fact, they let me make all 12 monthly payments $4 short, and started charging me late fees in September ($15 for Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec.) along with an additional $5 as a "notification" fee, and yet I didn't get notified until today, Dec. 29 (Payment is due the first of the month, by the way). That's right, even though they never bothered to call, email, or send a letter they charged me 4 different late fees. The lady at the property management group said she had no power to take away the late fees, that was up to the board of my association and I'd have to talk to the specific property manager for my association and she would take my case up with the board. Of course when I called her I got an out of office message that said she would be out from Dec. 15-Dec. 27. I left a message and I'm really hoping to hear back soon. I will absolutely pay the $48 that I owe, and don't mind paying one of the late fees to cover for my mistake, but I don't think it's fair to keep charging multiple late fees and never notify the recipient.