December 22nd, 2011

Salvation Army, apparently wants no donations?

I'm in the middle of moving, and I called Salvation Army to set up an appointment for them to come pick up my stuff (mainly furniture, I have a mattress, a dresser, lots of clothes, a table and chair set, fabric, etc.) so it could be donated and I could get money I could mark off my taxes next year.

They say OK! and set up an appointment for two days later (that is, today) at 11:30.

We move everything downstairs so it would be easier for them to take out, and 11:30 comes and goes. At noon I call them, asking where they are.

"Oh, hold on, I'll check with her."
I can hear the person who answered the phone talk to her manager through a set of walkie-talkies, and I hear:

"You had an appointment at 11:30 today for pickup."
"Oh right. I don't want to go to Plymouth. Tell her, I don't know, that the guy got caught in traffic, or something happened and he couldn't show up, or whatever."

The person who answered gets back on the phone, "I'm sorry, but they're not going to be able to come out today, the guy had other stuff to do. Would you like to reschedule for next Wednesday?"

I tell her no (I and my stuff won't be here next week), and ask why they couldn't call if they couldn't come out. The person on the phone says they don't have anything to do with the pickups, and would I like it if her manager called me?

Yes, please.

It's been half an hour with no call, and I doubt there will ever be one, considering how she just blew off the appointment like that. So now I have to figure out what to do with all this stuff. If I can't get the place in town to take it (which I don't think I can, I just called and said they'd only take the dresser), then it's all going to have to go to the dump. Which I'm not even sure I can do, since the mattress won't fit in the trailer. :|

I am extremely salty right now. Especially since both my and my husband's backs are totally worthless and we're having to destroy them to move all this stuff around. Ugh.

Salvation army B_S

This is something that has been building for a while.
Please excuse rambling. im mad.

My mother has been involved with the salvation army since we moved here (almost 17 years ago) till about 4 years ago.
She started out as a volunteer at the thrift store, then was eventually hired, then became manager. ( She even got the very first employee appreciation award )
She took the job because she wanted to help people, and she enjoyed it.
It was also the only job my mom could get, because my younger brother would sometimes be sent home, and she would have to leave work at a moments notice to go and get him. Al and Karen understood and were fine with this.
The two people in charge, major Al and Karen, were the kindest people i have ever met, and treated me with respect even though i wasnt ever religious.

as of 4 years ago, Al and Karen moved, leaving everything to a greedy bastard. The first thing he did, was increase the prices of everything in the thrift store. Something as small as a light jacket went up to 30$, and a pair of cheap shitty mittens went to 10.
I guess he thought that increasing the prices of essentials (our winters get to -50 without factoring in the windchill) That they could make more money.
They gave her a warning for giving a homeless lady a sweater in -30, and generally being an asshole. They even said my brother's condition was a made up excuse for my mom to skip work. That was the final straw, and she quit, but it doesn't end there.

We also received a salvation army Christmas hamper every year for as long as i can remember. They were always a wonderful thing, full of food that we needed, and a present or two. Well, they were until new management. They came up with a set list of items for each hamper, and any hampers put together with anything not on the list, were taken apart and the good things were put into their storage. These new hampers were tiny, and full of crap that they couldn't use. They even took toys from the kids! at school, the hampers were always a huge deal. Together we'd make about 30 hampers full of things, including toys, home made baked goods and etc. We'd even hand deliver them to the families. New management said we couldn't hand deliver them anymore, claiming to need to make sure they included everything on the list. ( WE INCLUDED MORE THAN YOUR DAMN LISTS FFGGHGHJ ) They just took our nice things and kept it for their storage.
The last year that i helped out, my class put together enough to buy a large dollhouse for a 5 year old girl. We went as a class to the store to pick it out. The packaging had a bit of damage, and it was very distinct. ( it had a surface tear shaped like a rabbit)
We finish the hampers, deliver them to the salvation army building and go about our day.

about 2 weeks later, i was at the thrift store, looking around to kill time, and what do i see? The dollhouse we donated for the hamper. They STOLE the dollhouse from a little girl!

TL;DR: Local Salvation army goes from awesome people running it, to an asshole who steals from the Christmas hampers, gets mad at a single mother for sons condition and jacks up the prices on everything in the thrift store.

EDIT: I spoke with my mother about the idea of going to the paper. Turns out she tried that already, and they refused on the grounds that we have no solid proof.

UPS sucks.

Why is it so hard for most of the mail carriers to do their jobs correctly? Seriously, we don't live on the best side of town but neither do we have a moat full of alligators or bear traps in the yard. My boyfriend got a fishing reel for his christmas present and it was supposedly delivered tonight. My car is in the driveway and our lights are on so I think it's obvious someone is probably home. We've been home since two hours before the supposed delivery time so we know you didn't attempt to deliver it here. No knock, no dogs barking at noise outside, nothing. I'm guessing, you just chucked it at the wrong house in your hurry to get out of west side and that person gladly took it. As much as I hate USPS, they at least get our packages to us, and if they don't, they don't leave them out somewhere to get stolen. >:(

Update: Box was found this morning on a neighbor's porch. She didn't bring it over because she didn't know it was there so he didn't knock when he delivered it there. However, it was extremely smashed and for some reason, wet?! No rain here so no telling. Had it been a fragile item it would have been broken for sure since it was packed well and the INSIDE box was smashed also.
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Update to Best Buy nonsense

Update to this entry:

(tl;dr from that entry: husband orders a PS3 on a special pre-Black Friday sale for Silver rewards members on Best Buy subsequently confirms the order, sends shipping confirmation, complete with number, then the item becomes magically back-ordered, while people who ordered ON Black Friday received their PS3's.)

He received an email a week or two ago stating that the item that he ordered wouldn't be available in time for Christmas, so they're cancelling the order. It was no big deal here, as he purchased a PS3 from Target on the evening of Black Friday and was just waiting to see what would happen with the order.

My husband is not the only one who got screwed over by Best Buy recently. Best Buy is Ruining Christmas. My husband was disappointed, but not upset. He did buy his item from another place, so nothing was "ruined" for us.

He got another email from Best Buy today, apologizing for the problem and the poor handling of the situation. In addition, it said that sometime in the next few days, he'd be getting an e-gift card in the amount of $200, the price of the item that was ordered and then cancelled by them. This article from the Minnesota Star-Tribune tells more about it.

At least they're trying to make up for it. My husband wasn't expecting them to do anything, so suddenly having $200 to spend at Best Buy is pretty nifty.