December 12th, 2011

Jillian - Ghostbusters

Local auto shop suck

On November 30th, my sister had her car towed to the local auto shop. She said it felt like her breaks weren't working properly and was a little nervous about that. My family has been going to the same mechanic for many, many years. The guy who owns it is usually very good. He's fair and will tell you if a part is worth replacing or not. We've never had a problem with him before.

A few days after my sister had her car towed, she called the shop. No answer. Every day, same thing. She calls the shop, no answer. She stops by the shop, it's closed.

My dad goes to the shop and sees that it's closed as well. So he asks someone what is going on. Well, apparently the owner has jury duty but he couldn't be bothered to call his clients, put up a sign that says: "Sorry, I'm closed because of jury duty", or anything like that.

My parents have been letting my sister use the mini van since my dad and mom each have their own car, but it's going on two weeks and who knows how much longer the owner is on jury duty for, and how many other cars he has to repair.