December 10th, 2011


It never. Ends.

Previous landlord-type issues explained here.

We followed the advice of multiple comments and kept bugging them every week or so ("Hey, got that paperwork for us yet? No? Okay, just checking!") and finally got it right at the end of November. Hooray!

Only, not.

While my boyfriend is now on the lease, there is other paperwork he has to fill out...and they don't have that yet. They have to "wait for the head office to send it." Why they haven't done that in the past two months, I couldn't tell you.

And we got a notice saying we're past due by $348.05! Whee, how exciting! A bunch of fees we've never heard of before.

I called the accounting associate for the management company and according to the message she left me, we'd been getting notices through the end of May, when we were $277.05 past due (baloney, if I'd gotten anything saying hey you owe us money, I would have paid it!) and due to my boyfriend not being on the lease until now, they weren't able to have an up-to-date ledger saying what we owed.

This is just...I AM SO ANGRY. I know it's on us to make sure we're on the lease and all, but we tried. We really tried. And when they stopped calling us about it, we thought it was settled. It isn't our fault they were "too busy" to deal with it for four months. Because of that, we now owe a shitload of cash. And of course, when I called my landlord as suggested, they said they'd "work on" getting me a copy of the ledger saying what I owed and why. (You best believe I will be stopping by every day the office is open.)

Pretty sure we're going to be moving once May rolls around.
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Dear fabric shop

This is the third time I have gone to your business and everytime I ask for blue velvet you respond with next week. Finally your manager told me you wouldn't be getting any until next year, if they got any at all :/

If you don't have the buttons I want, then please don't display them as if you did have them. Last week I found ten buttons of the kind you told me you had none, so excuse me for being skeptic when you tell you don't have any, maybe you should store them properly by kind.

And please don't make a face when I say that yes, I do need one more thing, you asked if I needed anything else and it's your job to cut the ribbons.

I really did like you because you were so close to where I live, but from now on I'll be shopping elsewhere. Thanks.

I love being lied to.

A few weeks back, I was on a side of town I'm not usually around, with my mother, and decided to treat her to dinner. I use Yelp a lot, so we ended up deciding on a Japanese hibachi place nearby because we love hibachi and they had a check in offer. One free appetizer for check in. Sweet!

We get to the place, and the first disappointment is that it isn't really a hibachi (let me clarify - I suppose it could be called a hibachi but the grill itself was small and away from customers, not the kind of hibachi I've experienced anywhere but the food court and not something I'd expect to see in a more "upscale" place.) It's small, but it looks nice, so whatever, we wait. Once we're finally seated, I check in and present the coupon to the server after she's taken our drink orders. "Oh", she says, "Yeah, um, we aren't honoring these anymore. Actually, we canceled them like... a couple months ago. But once in a while we still get someone who comes in and tries to use it." Oh. Okay. Well, we were settled in and I didn't know how check in offers work so I let it go. The service from there on out was meh - our drinks weren't filled at one point near the end which left us with no drinks for the remainder of our visit, the check was very slow to come out, and when she was taking our order she asked, "So... no appetizers today?" and shot me the weirdest look... No, I am not going to buy something I was expecting to get for free, thanks. But that was a matter of tone and it's rather hard to convey on here.

Anyway, I added a tip to their reviews which let others know that they are no longer accepting the check in offer, thinking that what the waitress had told me was true. I also posted to our local forums on Yelp asking about how the check in offers work, and if that's really what had happened. I mean, it sucks for both the customer and the restaurant if what she told me was true, right? I only felt the need to ask because of the way she asked me about appetizers as it had seemed odd. Turns out, it only takes a few minutes to cancel a check in offer with Yelp, it's not a matter of canceling it and waiting - it happens right then and there. ( Meaning, the waitress lied to me about them canceling the offer. Had they even attempted to cancel it, it would no longer be available period.

Upset by this, I downgraded their review and went through the quick tips. Turns out, this restaurant has been doing this for at least seven months. There are reviews and tips going back that far saying, "They're refusing to honor the check in coupon." They're obviously aware that this is an issue... right? So I emailed them and received no response well over a week later. I've also posted on their Facebook page about it, again, with no response.

Is it just me or does it look more and more like they're baiting customers with this offer? Its been a while and I still haven't heard back from anyone on the matter despite my complaints, and the offer is still up. Strange. I have already tried to contact them on it more than once, downgraded my reviews for them, left tips - but I'd really like to see them legitimately cancel the offer if they're refusing to honor it anymore. Is there anything else I can do? Aren't they legally obligated to fulfill the offer in some way, kind of like a store has to sell something at an advertised price?