November 27th, 2011

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Hotel hell

I just spent four days in Nevada visiting family and staying at the worst Super 8 ever. My first night there was last Tuesday. There were blood spots on the pillowcase of my (extremely lumpy) pillows. I get new pillows, equally lumpy, although this doesn't fill me with confidence about the cleanliness of the rest of the room.

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Rather Annoying Pizza Service

Here is some annoying-but-not-life-destroying bad pizza_service, from Papa Johns.. Who we've never had any trouble with before. :C 

It meant that an entire pizza went to waste. 

My e-mail to them: 

"Good evening, 
This evening I ordered two pizzas as per the order reference, however the Large Grande Italia arrived (after waiting over an hour) with olives, when we specified without. 
We called immediately and were told that a new pizza without olives would be delivered but would take some time, which was fine. (However, the person on the phone swore, which is highly unprofessional.)
After waiting another hour, we hadn't received anything, so I called up again to ask what was happening. The person I spoke to revealed that no new pizza had actually been made, and asked if we wanted to wait again for a new pizza. 
I am sure that you'll agree that two (probably three by the time a new one had been made) hours for a pizza is not acceptable, so I tried to request a partial refund instead (though had difficulty trying to get this across as I was constantly being offered and turning down a new pizza).
Finally I was told that he would have to speak to his manager, but that said manager was very busy an it would take twenty minutes. However, I am not holding my breath and so I am e-mailing you this complaint. (If you do not hear from me again, the issue remains unresolved.)"

As I'm sure you can guess, we never received a call. (This all happened last night.)

ETA: An hour isn't an unusual time to wait for a food delivery, but I specified it because the website says that they aim to get it to you within 30 minutes.\

ETA x 2: Also, for the record, this is Papa Johns in the UK.