November 25th, 2011

Gypsy Eye

Another case of bad service with ultimately good results

An update to this post:

I called and talked to the manager. I told him that I had heard some wonderful things about the restaurant which is one of the reasons we chose to eat there, then I told him about the long waits, the mix-up on the order and the whole thing with the tip.

He said that was not how they liked to run their business and that the waiter would be talked to about “excellent customer service.” And, since I did not receive their normal level of service, he wanted to send me a gift card, good at either location. I mentioned that I wasn’t aware of any other locations and found out that there is one other, about 2 miles from me! So, I will definitely try them out again, just at the closer place.

Greyhound bad service.

The previous post reminded me of my experience with Greyhound a couple months ago. It appears that this is Greyhound policy.

I was visiting my mom in Mt Vernon, WA and needed to catch a bus or train back to Seattle so I could work that evening. I decided to take the Greyhound bus since the train left super early and I wanted to sleep in a little and the bus would get me home hours before work started anyway. I buy my ticket online and go to bed.

Strike one: I wake up in the morning and check my debit balance. Greyhound has charged me twice.

It's a cheap ticket so I don't freak out too much, figure I'll take it up with the station in Seattle since I live near it. I arrive at the station 15 mins early and start reading my book.

Strike 2: the bus doesn't show up for over and hour. Now I realize we'll hit traffic on the way down and call my work, saying I might be late. But I figure this is the worst that could happen and go over to board the bus with the other 15 or so people with tickets in hand.

Strike 3: the driver opens the door and says, "I only have one seat open, who needs it most?" Cue us all staring and stammering.... And a guy with a transfer to catch gets it.

I call my work and tell them I'm not coming since the next bus isn't for over 5 hours. So I go inside, wait to talk to the ticket lady which takes like 45 minutes, and I tell her I need a refund and also tell her about the double charge. Note I say refund, and at no time does she say I'd be getting a voucher instead of a refund. She has me fill out the request and mails it off.

Fast forward to last week...
I get a VOUCHER in the mail... For only one of the charges.

Ugh. I hate Greyhound. Why would they sell tickets they don't have? It's not like it would be difficult to track, especially when there were only like 2 stops prior to mine!!!
Pissed off

maybe bus drivers just hate me

I am so annoyed about this that I will have to recount the story in faux-indented text, ponychan style.

>go to Lancaster with friend
>prepare to get bus home
>five mins before bus arrives, friend heads to toilet
>I wait
>Just as bus closes door, friend returns
>pounds on bus door, to get the driver to open it and let me in
>driver looks at me
>I stare after bus in shock
>have to wait an hour for next bus back to my home town
>fuck you, bus driver. fuck you.