November 20th, 2011

i hate my life

Toll Fast

Last Wednesday my Dell laptop stopped taking a charge from the cord. It had been on the way out for a while, so I ordered a new cord from Dell online that night. On Thursday morning, I got a call from Toll Fast to arrange delivery. Yay for fast work from Dell and living in Sydney! The window Toll Fast gave me was Friday, 12-5. Blah.

Of course I stayed at home and waited all afternoon, and no delivery. Using my phone I checked the status online with both Dell and Toll Fast, and both said it had been delivered at 12.30pm. When I called Toll, they said it had been delivered to my address, and signed for by 'Samantha* from reception'. Given that my house is residential and has no reception desk, and certainly no one called Samantha, I was baffled. The woman told me she would email someone, and I'd get a call on Monday.

My street is mainly residential, but there is an office across the road so I wondered if it might have gone there. Checked with them this (Monday) morning, and nope. So I called Toll Fast again and the woman told me the same thing, that she would email someone and call back, so I wonder if the person I spoke to on Friday had even sent the promised email or noted my file.

I just... don't understand. The address they keep telling me they delivered to is my correct address. The house is not hard to find: the number is clearly displayed, and no other deliveries have ever gone astray. How can Toll even figure out what happened and track my package when as far as their records show, they delivered it to the correct address and it was signed for?? And in the meantime, I can't use my laptop and I'm not even sure that the cord will fix the problem, as the problem may be with the jack itself, but this seemed the cheapest and quickest way to find out rather than going to a tech.

*Not the name they gave me.
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