November 13th, 2011

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Can't you see I'm on the phone?

I'm a cashier so know what it feels like to be threatened/shouted at by customers, so I never do it, not even if the cashier/waiter/whoever is rude. I can tolerate most things anyway. I try not to take it personally if a cashier isn't that pleasant.

However, I'm glad I found this community because now I can rant and not be a *rude customer* I so utterly despise. I probably won't post here much, because half the time the cashiers are just doing their jobs etc.


This didn't happen to me, but my mum. It's only short.

We pulled into a gas station. As my mum is putting petrol in the tank, I glance towards the shop and see the cashier serving a customer WHILE he is on the phone. The man he is serving looks irate and storms off, so I'm guessing at this point that he wasn't having an important phonecall with the manager or another customer, but that it was a casual call to his friend/girlfriend.

My mum goes in and gets served and he's still on the phone chatting away. My mum is not the confrontational sort (I take after her!) so she comes out smiling as if he was the best cashier ever lol. I said to her, "Was he talking to the manager or a friend?"

She said,

"He was talking to a friend. Bless him!"

What does everyone think about cashiers talking to their friends while they are serving customers? Would you say something, complain to a manager, or thank them and walk away?

I'd thank them and walk away. While I absolutely don't agree with it, I also don't like to cause a scene!

public restroom?

Hi, newbie to the community and first post.

This happen almost a year ago during Winter Break. So, me and two friends (a guy and a girl. This actually matters) decided to go to a coffee shop near campus, Philz. The shop is known to be anti-Starbucks. We go in, I order tea, the guy orders coffee*, and the girl tries to order something strawberry flavor. The place doesn't do flavor coffees, so she goes next door to Quickly's for a strawberry smoothie. (This is not the suck or WTF.)

She comes back and we all sit at one of the tables outside the shop. A little while later, the guy needs to use the restroom and ask the cashier if he could use their's. The cashier rudely told him there was no public restroom. Odd, since not too long ago we did see some people grabbing a key from the cashier. So I go in and ask is there a restroom. The cashier was very nice and told me that the restroom was to my left and down the hall way. I asked if there was a key, the cashier all smiles replied 'no, just go ahead.'

My girlfriend and I go where the cashier pointed me to...there was a Men's and a Women's. O.o

*The guy was the one who paid for all the drinks. So it could not be that the cashier didn't consider him a paying customer.

Pizza Hut

Last night my friend and I ordered pizza from Pizza Hut. We got a quote time of 50 minutes (which i think is kind of sad to begin with). The pizza did not arrive until 30 minutes AFTER the quote time. If that were not bad enough, the pizza guy half parked in the driveway and the street and then when he gave us the pizza he did not even talk nor told us the total. When he left he sped down the street faster than you should in a residential area.
So because of all those things combined my friend called to complain. They asked when we ordered and when it arrived and let them know it was about 30 minutes late. The guy on the phone told him that he could give him a $3 credit which equaled to $1 every 10 minutes they were late.
All in all bad service, at least to me. As well, this was the second time they were extremely late which makes it tempting to no longer order from them.

Not horrible service but still sucky.

Edit to add: Normally when I order from Dominoes, even on a Saturday, it does not take more than 45 minutes.
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Cosmetics Company Store.

Over the weekend, I went shopping at a Cosmetics Company Store (I will call it CCS). For those who don't know, CCS is a makeup store that sells high end name brand makeup/perfume at lower costs. It mostly sells discontinued items from brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, etc. This was my second time at this particular CCS and I was not impressed.

I walked in the store, saw the associate standing by the door, smiled at her, and started looking around. The associate didn't greet me or smile back, just gave me a look that wasn't friendly. While I was shopping, other customers were coming in the store and the associate greeted them and asked them if they needed help, but she did not approach me at all. I glanced at her once or twice and each time, she was staring at me with a really unfriendly look on her face but was perfectly polite and friendly to other customers. I found a foundation that caught my eye, but I needed some help matching it to my skin. I stood by that shelf of foundation for quite awhile, obviously interested in the product, but she didn't come over at all. I'm not usually one of those people who just stands there instead of asking for help, but by this time I wanted to see if she would actually come up to me of her own accord rather than me asking. She didn't. I finally went up to her and asked, "Could you please help me match this foundation to my skin? I'm not very good at it." She kind of huffed and said, "Well put it on!" Umm okay. I know when matching foundation, you're supposed to put a small streak of it on your cheek. That is how other makeup places have matched me and it's also what I've read online about matching foundation. As soon as I put a small streak on, she actually raised her voice at me in a really snotty tone, "Don't put that on your cheek! If you have other foundation on, it won't match right! Put it on your neck and blend it all the way in!" First of all, I know if I already have foundation on, it won't match right. I put on a very light tinted moisturizer that morning, but this was afternoon and I had wiped it off because I knew I was going to buy a new foundation. Secondly, I've never, ever put foundation on my neck and blended it all the way in to match. Any foundation, even a really dark shade (I'm pale) will look like the "right" foundation for me if I blend it all the way in. You're supposed to put a streak of it on your cheek to see if it's close, then lightly blend a little. Anyways, I ended up just picking the foundation because it looked okay (as far as I could tell) because this woman was not helpful at all and spent the whole time telling me that matching foundation isn't hard, everyone should know how to do it, they should really put how to match in magazines more because it's just sooooooo easy, I don't know why most people ask me how to do this. She said all of this in a tone that suggested she thought I was completely stupid. I just bought the foundation and left. When I got home, I realized that the foundation is too light for me :(

I was pretty offended that the woman made me feel stupid for asking her to help me match my foundation. I have a difficult time deciding if the color is right so I like a second opinion. I have a feeling this woman didn't want to help me because of my age. I am young and this woman was older. She refused to acknowledge my presence in the store but was friendly to the other customers (who were older women like her).