October 30th, 2011

sweet and innocent

Email enquiry

I have been thinking about changing banks as mine is a (predominately) online bank and if I need a branch I need to fly to Sydney... from Perth... only a 4 hour flight (3.5 day drive)

So I Looked at NAB who are promoting their improved accounts, removing the asterisk and how their positive changes for customers is making them 'very unpopular with the other banks'.

though they haven't improved their online enquiries form... which one is given 1-1000 characters to write their enquiry... seeing I was actually enquiring about 2 accounts I was going to need all the 200 words they apparently provided.  the second time I tried to submit my enquiry I had 969 characters (including spaces) and it was still outside of the 1-1000 characters. 

925 apparently equals 1000 now. this could make banking with them rather interesting... does this mean if I have $925 in my account, I will actually have $1000 to spend....