October 27th, 2011

Your Elders are Winning This Race

I recently had somewhat sucky service at my local grocery store. If I hadn't been in a hurry I would have complained... if it happens again I certainly will.

My cashier was quite slow and a bit geriatric. That's life and I patiently waited as she rang through my items. The bagger, on the other hand, was probably a teenager and he was conducting a very loud conversation with the other bagger about cars. Unfortunately his hands could not move when he spoke. One item would go into the bag. Discourse on lamborghinis or however you spell that. Another item in the bag. The cashier was done putting my stuff through and SHE took over bagging! And he didn't even seem to care.

It just didn't seem right. :(

Epic Mental Health 'Professionals' Bad Service...

Possible trigger warning for manipulative people in power. Mentions (but not intentions, if that helps you decide if it's a trigger or not) of suicide.

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TL;DR (no kidding!): Going to a psychiatrist for non mental health issues leads to me committed to a mental hospital for a few days, required to attend group therapy where the therapist in charge ran the group completely contrary to the established format, and told me to shut up in the group for daring to point this out after being asked to share my concerns.