October 26th, 2011

Hire a new shipping company!

There's nothing better than having your time wasted when you have a 6-week old baby, amirite? My husband and I recently ordered an elliptical machine from Sole, and while Sole themselves were just fine, the shipping company they used was less than ideal. Here's the timeline of events:

October 6th: We order an elliptical. Since we've got the aforementioned 6-week old baby, we pay the extra bucks for "turnkey" installation, which involves them bringing the elliptical into the house and assembling it for us. Sole lets us know that the shipping company will be in touch with us in a few days to schedule the delivery. Dandy.

October 10th: The shipping company contacts us and sets a delivery window for the 13th. Also Dandy.

October 13th: The shipping company arrives and immediately says that our driveway is too steep, and they can't get their truck up it. This part is admittedly my error, I didn't think to mention the steep driveway because the moving company and at least one other delivery company have been able to back REALLY big trucks up it, so I wasn't used to it being a problem. The delivery man then decides that he needs three guys to get the elliptical machine up our stairs, so they can't bring the elliptical machine back the same day on a smaller truck. They tell us they'll have to okay the third delivery guy with Sole, and then they'll call us to reschedule. Less Dandy.

October 19th: Having heard nothing from the delivery company, I call Sole, who hasn't heard from them. So I get their number and call them directly only to find that they've done... nothing. Apparently they need to transfer the elliptical machine to another company which will be able to do a three man delivery, but they haven't contacted them, or Sole. They're just keeping my elliptical sitting around their warehouse, possibly hoping that it will just magically go away. Seriously Undandy.

October 20th: I call Sole back and express my displeasure, to their credit they promptly offer to refund the cost of the turnkey delivery, so good_service on their part.

October 21st: The other shipping company calls and schedules a delivery. Painless.

October 26th: The other shipping company arrives and finally delivers and installs our elliptical machine. The punchline? They used two guys. Two average sized guys. With no special equipment.
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Wal-Mart Suck

So, this is about 5 years old, but the recent post about Dunkin' Donuts reminded me.

I had just (like, a week earlier) given birth to my son. I was at Wal-Mart picking up some formula. I was in a lot of pain (had a C-section) and extra emotional thanks to the post-pregnancy hormones. The employee in the baby section watched as I found the soy formula and grabbed a couple of cans. Then she proceeded to lecture me for 5 minutes about what a horrible parent I was. Why? Because the formula I had grabbed didn't have that extra stuff (DHA, I think?) in it that is supposedly going to make your baby's brain better. She had me in tears while she went on and on about how I was a horrible mother and my poor baby was going to be retarded because I was too stupid to buy the right formula. To this day I still have no clue how I managed to make it home, I was crying so hard.

I told my husband about it, and he was pissed. The only thing that stopped him from marching in to the store and tearing into the CSA herself (rather than call the manager like he did), was the fact that both his feet were broken. On a (slightly) more positive note...the manager told him that this wasn't the first complaint they had received about her and that she was going to be let go. I've never seen her again, so I'm assuming they actually did let her go.
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The other mental health post reminded me that I meant to post this...

So, the last few weeks, my depression and anxiety have been really bad. Can't sleep because of the anxiety, can't do anything else because of the depression. So, being a college student at a school that provides free therapy, I called to set up an appointment.

First off, they have this really strange system where your initial appointment is same day appointment, and they only have about 7 of those a day. You have to call in pretty much right when they open at 8 if you want to get one of them, and if they are full up then you are out of luck and have to try again. So, I call the next day at at 8:00 on the dot, and I'm on hold for about 5 minutes. When I finally get someone, she says that they had a rush of calls that morning and were already full up. Of course, being in a very not good place, I immediately burst into tears. She, thankfully, takes pity on me and allows me on of the appointments for the next day (of course, then the poor people who try to call in that day may be out of luck).

So, I go in for my appointment, which turns out to just involve filling out forms and explaining to a general therapist what I need so they can assign me the right therapist. I explain to him that while I'm not suicidal, that is pretty much only because of my anxiety of death and that I'm pretty much in a really bad place where I don't feel worthy of life or anything else. So, he finds me something for Tuesday, which I was grateful for considering it was already Friday.

So, I go in Tuesday. Here is where the real bad service is. Turns out, the guy put in the wrong day. He actually gave me an appointment for next Tuesday after telling me that he had something for this week. Now, of course, this week is completely full up. And the receptionist isn't remotely apologetic and doesn't seem to think he did anything wrong. She keeps insisting that I made the mistake even though it was specified as an appointment for this week. And considering that the counseling center is in a building that involves a long, uphill walk that always makes my asthma act up, I am now tired and frustrated and angry.

So, here I am, stuck in a really bad place. And I really wanted/needed to see someone this week. But now I have to wait. I mean, I get that people make mistakes, but the least that they could have done was to apologize instead of blaming me and even just try to work something out
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