October 25th, 2011

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Dear Comcast:

What is the point of setting it up so the CSRs can see that there is probably an outage (for example: 8 other modems in my area are also not online), but not letting them set it up so someone comes out and looks into it? If you can see the outage why do you have to wait until a certain number of people call in upset because their Internet is down before you will try fixing the problem?

No love,

A soon-to-be AT&T customer,

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Optometrist Suck

So, the optometrist I go to is wonderful, and recently I decided I was going to get a cheap $6 pair of glasses online so I could have glasses to take LARPing, on trips, as backup, for emergencies, etc. I know they're not going to be fabulous quality, I HAVE a good pair of glasses, I wanted a cheap backup. So I went to my optometrist and got my eyes checked, got a full glasses prescription. Easy.

Well, the guy has no health insurance yet, and he knows his eyes are just a tiny bit worse than 20/20 so while I was ordering glasses he thought he'd get a backup fun pair too. So we thought we'd save $20 on the exam by going to the Walmart vision center. We go, and first suck #1, which is small.

My guy has a really bad startle reflex. Small things make him jerk and yell. So does the lady doing the initial eye exam part mention anything about the sudden puff of air going into his eyes? Of course not. So I hear a sudden yell from the exam room and all he gets is a "Oh, yeah a lot of people are startled by that." Gee, no shit, lady! Think you might mention something before you do it? But that is a minor suck.

Then we get the prescription, I check it out, -.50 in each eye and... there's info blank. I ask about it, and I get "Oh, I can't give you the full prescription, because you might order online or from someone else. You shouldn't order online, who knows where those frames have been. You should buy a good pair of glasses from us." ....

Yes, he held the full prescription hostage in order to keep us from getting glasses anywhere but from him. We paid $76 to get told that if the guy wants another pair of glasses he'll have to order through their office where they have the full prescription or go to my optometrist and hope he'll just take the missing info for a discount, or get a full exam since he's not a blackmailing jackass.

EDIT: I have looked, and North Carolina law states that the organization/person filling the prescription is responsible for completing the prescription information to insure it is correct. Only a few states require the prescription to be filled out in full. So it's legal, just underhanded and nasty.
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