October 20th, 2011


Full of Bull fail

Today I realized I had jack shit for food, so I decided to order lunch and go grocery shopping when my boyfriend J got home from work. I ordered from Full of Bull Roast Beef, and at 1:11 (in the confirmation email) was quoted a wait time of 30-60 minutes.

1:41: No food. Understandable, but a bit disappointing - they've always been faster than the quoted time.

1:56: No food.

2:11: No food. Dammit, I am HUNGRY.

2:25: I call the restaurant.
Me: Hi, I ordered food from you guys over an hour ago, and I was just wondering where my order was.
Dude: Is this the order for [lists my address]?
Me (kinda surprised they knew that off the bat): Uh, yeah, it is actually.
Dude: Sorry about that, we got really backed up for a while. Hold on, let me check with the driver and see where he's at.
Puts me on hold, comes back and tells me it'll be like five minutes, apologizes again.

2:40: A full hour and a half after I've placed my order, my food arrives. And it is a sad sight. My jacket potato? Lukewarm, with slightly congealed/cooled cheese. My hot sandwich? Cold. My milkshake? More like half-melted milk soup. My guess is they made my order during the delivery window quoted and somehow just forgot to deliver it.

J gets home early at this point, and I grab the car keys from him and march my happy ass and my food down to Full of Bull because there's no way I'm calling them to complain - who knows how long it would take to get new food that way? I explain the situation, and the guy tries to argue with me, saying there's no way they'd send out cold food, and I must have just waited too long to eat it! There's just about steam pouring from ears at this point, and I demand a refund. With much moaning and groaning and gnashing of teeth, I finally get it. I guess it's bad service made good since I did get my money back, but the late food and the guy arguing with me were just ridiculous.