October 17th, 2011

Urahara - plotting is what I'm best at

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So I was thinking about the time I visited my sister in Toronto and thought I should post our incident here. This was back in July.

We went to eat an an Ethiopian restaurant (Ethiopian House) because I'd never been and my sister had been there once before with my mom and the food was good. Her friend Chris joined us so there were three of us. My sister remembered that what she had ordered with my mom was more than enough food for two people and probably just right for three, so she ordered the same two dishes. It's basically a flat kind of pancake with various scoops of things to eat the pancake with and we got one meat selection and one veggie which provide 4-5 types each. Looks something like this.

Food arrived, looked like a massive amount, so we tried to eat as much as possible but there were still leftovers. It tasted great, so all was good or so we thought.

My sister went to pay and I began to wonder what was taking so long when she finally came back and told us what was up. The waitress had taken it upon herself to double our veggie order because she thought we hadn't ordered enough food. And now she expected us to pay for it. Um, what? She never asked us, never told us, not even when the food came out. Keep in mind that Chris and I had never been there before and my sister had only been once almost a year ago, so we had no idea what the dish was "supposed" to look like. With everything all on one plate, a few extra scoops aren't glaringly obvious either. Never mind the fact that you shouldn't assume anything anyway.

If she had given us what we ordered, we probably would have been able to finish it comfortably. And since when are people allowed to add on food to people's orders without asking and then go, "By the way, you need to pay for that now."

So my sister argued with her and ended up settling for just paying an extra $3 as opposed to the full amount of $15 or something because the lady refused to discount all of the extra dish because "you ate it" - well we wouldn't have if you hadn't put it on our plate. It made me wonder if they'd done this to other people who just paid it anyway.