October 10th, 2011


Old medical B_S

This is the story of how an intern nearly ruined my moms arm for life, because bad service is older than time

When my mother was about 19 (Shes now in her 50's) She broke her elbow while playing ping-pong. ( slipped and smashed her elbow on a basement floor. )
Since it was sore, but able to bend, she went to bed thinking it was just really sore.
She woke up the next day and it was swollen as hell. Knowing it was broken, she went to the hospital, and an intern saw her. The first thing this moron tried to do was straighten it. she told him "Touch my arm and i'll f**king hurt you". The intern goes to get the doctor, and when he gets there he tells her that if she had let the intern straighten her arm, her arm would never have been able to unbend again. 
This story does have a really good ending, The doctor kicked the intern out of the ER .

Idk how coherent this post is, since its 3:35 am, but i hope you can understand
Cillian Murphy

Subway: Bad Service Turned Good

I will preface this by saying I suffer from social anxiety, as an exercise in getting past it, I've taken one of our tags to heart and endeavor to speak up when I receive bad service (luckily for my issues, this is not common).

So when a minor issue cropped up at Subway (cash-out girl stacked out subs weird and didn't fully wrap them, so that when we moved the tray, the top sub slid off the other and hit the floor, spilling open...nummy dirty sub!), after a few moments of thought, I decided that it was worth speaking up about.

Owner (of that branch): How can I help you? *dead stare*
Me: I wanted to make a complaint about your cash girl, she stacked the subs oddly and didn't fully wrap them so that when they were moved, one of them slid to the floor and un-wrapped, opening up, and after, she left me to clean it up and didn't bother to offer to re-make the now dirty food...
Owner: *zombie stare*
Me: *getting nervous* Uh, I cleaned it up, I just wanted to let you know... *extremely nervous at the continuous stare* So...yeah. *turns to leave*
Owner: *After stretch of silence (I was partway back to my table by now)* Do you want me to re-make it now?
Me: *meek and embarrassed now* Yes, please.

So yeah, turned good and all that, not too big of an issue (I didn't die after all)...I just felt even more uncomfortable by her stare which made me question if I was doing the right thing or making a mountain out of a molehill. *shrugs*
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Split ends..?

I'm not blind and stupid, Mr. Bus Driver

An old-ass driver suck that I just remembered while discussing shitty bus service with my friend and I thought I'd share it.

Way back when, when I was attending high school, there was two buses that went to the school. One was the 'official' bus that pulled directly into the school's bus-park-thing and one that came about three minutes later and dropped us off at the bus stop a little ways down the road from the school. Depending on who was getting the first bus (I was frequently spat at, shoved around etc etc on my bus by my classmates, who were all doucherockets *cue world's tiniest violin* ), I tended to get the second one more often.

One day, after missing the first bus by a hair, I hung around and waited for bus #2, which was what I usually got anyway. Once the bus pulled up, I climbed on and showed the bus driver my school pass. The bus driver squints at my pass and then scowls at me, like I just pissed on his cheereos.

Driver: You can't get on this bus.
Me: *puzzled* Why not?
Driver: Because that pass isn't valid for this route.
Me: It's been valid every other time I've used this bus.
Driver: You must be mistaking it for the other bus. That one--
Me: No, I get this bus every day. I've always been let on with this pass.
Driver: Well, it doesn't matter, I'm not supposed to let on high school kiddies anyway.
Me: *stares at bus driver for a moment then leans over to peer at the back of the bus where there are at least ten students who are very obviously from my high school, then turns back to bus driver* ಠ_ಠ
Driver: .... can I see your pass?
Me: *pass flash*
Driver: Okay, go ahead.

Maybe I smelled bad.

OT: Are teacher-related sucks valid material for posting here? Because if so, I have a stinker of an epic to share with you guys regarding how the teahcers from my old high school handle(d) bullying.