October 2nd, 2011

Rude Service at the Bay

My cousin was getting married and was registered at the Bay, so my mom and I went to go and buy something off of her registry from there. We went upstairs, and there is a computer where you can search the person's name, and the registry will print off. We decided to purchase a set of plates for her, and started looking for them, but we couldn't find them anywhere, so we decided to go ahead and ask a sales associate. Only, you know, we couldn't find ANY, anywhere. We looked for at least ten minutes, all around the store, and ran into another woman who was also trying to find someone to help her to no avail.

I thought it was odd because every time I had been in that store, they flock and are usually watching me quite closely. So, I got an idea and wandered away from my Mom, looking around and sure enough within five minutes of me being alone, two sales people came over and started watching me. I'm a teenager, I get it, I have piercings in my face and weird hair, I get it. They assume I'm up to no good. They ask me if I need help with anything, I say yes, I actually need help finding some things off the registry, and the one woman dismisses me and says she "doesn't have time for that right now", and walks away. I was thinking, seriously? But whatever. The second woman followed me to my mother, took the registry from my Mom, looked at it and said "oh, we don't carry any of this. You need to go to (other location that is an hour away)" and then walks away without giving us a chance to say anything else. It was frustrating and rude, especially since my Mom was interested in just purchasing something similar instead...but we'd had enough of them and went elsewhere where the employees weren't scarce and unhelpful.

Local pub makes the chef-customer angry

About a month ago, my boy and I went out to a friend's birthday party. I could go further into detail, but let me just include my YELP! review.

Never had the greatest service here, but tonight was the worst.

I ordered my burger medium rare, waiter said "Sure, no problem!" I got it extra-extra-well--it was 1/4 char, and not really even hot. I understood that by that point the kitchen had switched the fried foods only, and I asked if I should pick something else. He said the grill was probably not off yet since they'd just taken my (lukewarm) burger off the grill, so I asked that it be remade.

The owner & bartender came back and told my partner that they "can't cook your lady's burger medium rare." I overheard and said, "What about my burger?" He continued to speak to my partner, who had to tell him TWICE that since it was MY burger, he needed to speak to me about it ("well, we can get her burger off the bill or she can eat it." Hi, right here thanks). He told me it's "impossible" to cook it any less than they had, because "it's ground beef" and "we use a char grill." He offered to take it off the bill, or let me eat it the way it was.

Ok, clearly you just don't want to cook me the burger, and I get that the kitchen is closed. But don't lie to my face and tell me that it was cooked on a char grill when it was cooked on a flat-top, the same as my burned bun--there were no grill marks, it was a nice even coating of burned-to-a-crisp meat. Do not lie to me and say it's "impossible" to cook ground meat on a char grill without it being SUPER well done (even though it's a frozen patty, restaurants do it all the time). Do not speak to my partner about it when I'm right there, involved in the conversation about my own food.

And most importantly: when you screw up a customer's food, APOLOGIZE.

Bad Service at the Diner

My mom, sister, a friend and I decided to go out to dinner. When we got there, we had a bit of a wait, because apparently the restaurant had been slammed before we came in. That's fine, I get that. The host takes us to our table, and it's in a super out-of-the-way place. Everyone else has been sat much closer to the main area. But, ok, I understand that some restaurants have specific seating areas for certain waitresses... so I can give them that.

Our waitress (I'll call her L for Lazy) comes to take our drinks and orders. I ask her about the price of garlic bread and she promises to find out. L leaves. We start chatting. About 20 minutes later, she returns with food and disappears before I can ask her about my garlic bread. I figure I'll ask when she comes back to check on us. Except she never does. We finish eating and keep waiting, all of which took about an hour. We're all done and still haven't seen our waitress, so my friend and my sister decide to go look at the dessert menu, since we clearly weren't getting one.

This restuarant has pies and cheesecake on display for people to look at. After making their decision, they track down our waitress and ask for a piece of chocolate pie. Ten minutes later, my mom gets fed up and goes to look for L. She asks for more water and the bills. Then, get this... L says "oh and someone wanted a piece of chocolate pie, right? I'll go put that order in." It had been ten minutess and she hadn't even put the order in! We finally get the dessert a good fifteen minutes later, twenty-five minutes after it was ordered, along with the bills.

When it's time to go (finally, we've been there for nearly two hours), we pass L, who goes "have a good night, girls". Now at this restaurant, your server is always the one who cashes you out. No one else can do it. So we're waiting by the stand for L to come over and a couple of other waitresses walk by and look at us. One goes "are they yours?" and the other goes "no, I think they're L's." Neither of them go and get L, so finally my mom walks back down to L and goes "could someone take our money?"

Let me just make it clear, the restaurant was not busy while we were there. I walked through the whole place at one point because I had to go to the bathroom, and there was about six other customers there. L spent most of the time cleaning tables off. We could see her sometimes, though she was always too far away to call out to and she never once looked in our direction. I realize it's important to have the place clean, but you'd think customers would be first. It's the only time in my life that I've not left a tip.

Jillian - Ghostbusters

bad_service? rude_service? I don't know what to call this.

Last night, my two friends, my sister, her friend (Melissa) and her friends husband went to a murder mystery dinner that was hosted by Melissa's husbands former fire department. We each paid $40 and had dressed up since costumes were encouraged.

In the beginning, things were fine. A little loud, but fine. However, as the night went on, everyone at my table got more and more pissed off. The table in front of us, table three, were loud and obnoxious. The room was divided up so there were five tables on the left and five on the right. The people who attended the party ended up being characters in the murder mystery, save for two people. The main actor, also the host, and a woman, also a host(ess), but her role was rather minor in comparison.

The people at table three thought it was appropriate to call the main actor "burnt bacon" and Al Roker. And yes, he was African-American. These people were also screaming across the room to the other "actors" (fire department members and their families), and using words like "faggot", "bitch tits", on top of saying things like: "yeah, that guy loves cock", "that guy likes to take it in the ass", etc.

One person even went as far as to make fun of my sister. And I know they were all fire department members because Melissa's husband is an ex-chief of that fire department and recognized everyone who was there. My sister has never set foot inside that fire house, nor does she know anyone from there except Melissa.

The ex-chief at one point went downstairs and said something to one of the officers about the way some of the people were acting. I guess nothing was done because the people at table three were still acting like animals afterward. Melissa was disgusted by the overall behavior and she walked out for a little bit, then came back.

By the end of the night, it was so bad that my friends and I left. No one could follow the plot of the mystery because there was too much yelling and the main actor, the one that kept getting racist remarks, tried to calm everyone down so that whatever was left of the night could be salvaged. It couldn't.

The ex-chief apologized profusely and I felt bad, but I couldn't stay. My two friends and I were beyond appalled.

After we had left, my sister said that everyone at table three had been kicked out. I don't know why the line officers and other chiefs didn't kick these people out earlier. It's their damn fire department. The actions of the members gave a lot of people a bad first impression.

I applaud the actors from whatever company the murder mystery was done through. They were quite professional through all the racist and homophobic remarks.

It's just a shame that I couldn't enjoy the mystery. I felt like I wasted $40.

Edit: The event took place in the fire house itself. It wasn't hosted by an outside venue or anything like that.

Also, there were 2-3 bowls of snacks at every table, and in the bowls were fake fingers. Table three and table one decided it would be hilarious to throw things at each other, so my sister got hit with food and a fake finger.
puzzled and animated

I don't...

We went to a reasonably nice restaurant, Zeytini for dinner last Saturday, and the service was...lackluster at best.

There was no beverage list on the menu except for wines, which seems like mildly bad service to me; some places just have a few sodas, some have juices, some have slightly unusual things like San Pelligrino water, etc. When we were asked what we'd like to drink, my daughter asked for iced tea, I asked for a Zinfandel from the wine list, (and repeated the name 3 times before the waiter seemed to get it. I assure you, I was speaking clearly and looking at him, and the name was simple to prounounce and nothing like the other zin on the menu.)

My husband asked what beers they had, and was told Heineken, Sierra Nevada and "something, I don't know, maybe Maritus, I don't remember how it's pronounced.

"Ohhhkay. Well, what kind of beer is that? Dark, amber, pale...?"

"I'm sorry, I don't know beers." My husband decided to try it.

I don't expect every waiter in the world to know everything about everything, but a passing familiarity with the menu seems like a good idea, especially something like alcohol, which helps keep restaurants in the black! But a simple "I'll find out," would've done wonders.

He walked away, came back about five minutes later, without our drinks, and we ordered our appetizers and salads without much to-do, then I ordered my entree, Bistecca alla Griglia (steak with mushrooms in a wine sauce.) I started with the name, as far as I know, pronouncing it correctly, then saying "Steak with mushrooms," in English." Finally, I pointed at the menu.

"I'm sorry, I don't hear so good!"

We were there before the dinner rush, it was going to get a lot louder and a lot harder to hear. Maybe waiting tables is not his calling, since he doesn't hear so good and doesn't know how to pronounce things.

The food was good, the beer was evidently good (I'm not into beer. Googling "Maritus beer" has found me Phoenix beer, which is bottled on the Ile de Maritius, and which I doubt was what he meant, and Martis beer which seems to be defunct, although there are still signs and clocks extant. But we did not have dessert, and we did not tip well (just under 15%, which is about half of our norm for good service.)