September 28th, 2011

Bad Dry Cleaner, Bad!

Bad start to the day. My girlfriend for her birthday received a gift voucher for an awesome photo shoot with some photographers who make you look like a glammed up zombie or something like that. Anyway - Monday night she laments none of the drycleaners near her work can get the dresses she wants to wear for the shoot clean before Wednesday afternoon. I thought this odd as most places do a same day service if you get in early enough. She asked me to try a place near where I work. The only place in this complex is a newsagency who are obviously an agent for some dry cleanining mob in the suburbs. I took her dresses in yesterday morning and asked for a same day deal - they said cool and that they'd be back in by 6.30pm last night... they took my details.

Fast forward to this morning - I drop into the agency to pick them up, the girl looks through their cabinet and calmly tells me sorry they aren't here, they weren't ready. Okay, problem. I went off a little bit at the girl and told her to call the place as this was a significant issue. She calls and the dry cleaning place is like oh there was cat hair so we had to keep washing them.. blah blah blah. Okay that makes sense, cat hair is kind of ubiquitous at our place and it is a pain to get off. BUT - they had my f#*king phone number the whole time.... now I don't work in the dry cleaning game, but, i would have thought people who request same days service, you know, might well want, nay need, their cleaning done SAME F*#KING DAY. So at the point where my professional instincts tell me that hmm to do a proper job I can't deliver this same day - I think a phone call would be in order to find out where the customer's preference lies? Do you want the job done 100% in which case wait another 24 hrs OR a job done 70% and delivered within the agreed time frame. See that's customer service, not hard, not demanding - Customer service is easy, you just need to think like the customer for a few seconds.

BAh anyway, my girlfriend is in a complete tizz now because this has ruined her plans for today - She is not the type to have a plan B up her sleeve, nor is she the type to remain calm in a crisis and try to work a way through the ensuing chaos to develop a plan B on the run. She has a small role in this tale of woe, if it were me I would have taken my stuff in to be cleaned last week, if you leave things to the last minute you do leave yourself open to being a victim of incompetence or bad luck.

Fingers crossed she can work something out huh? She was really looking forward to this.
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Friendly Neighborhood Pub Suck

My friend, boyfriend and I decided last night to try a pub we've never been to before, and chose a locally owned pub that we've heard good things about. We got there at about 6:15, and it wasn't too busy. A lot of people already had plates on their tables.

Our waitress came around, took our drink orders, and five minutes later she brings them to us... asking 'who had x?' as she handed them out. Okay, kinda strange you would forget, but that's not the major suck. We order a couple of appetizers as our main meal since it was half price appies, she writes them down, and then goes away.

About 15 minutes later, the waitress comes around and asks if we want refills. She comes back with our drinks, asking again 'who had x?'. Okay... I guess that's just her way of doing her job...? She also chimes in with a 'Your food will be right up!'. Okay great! We're all starving here so we kinda clear off the table, my friend pulls out the last lactose pill from her purse and (thankfully) decides to wait for the food to get to us before she takes it.

My boyfriend had ordered a second beer, and he got a glass of clear, watery, flat beer. Obviously the bottom of the keg. We manage to catch the waitress as she's serving another table and he requests another glass that isn't completely flat. She takes it away, comes back and explains that it was the bottom of the keg and the bartender is in the process of changing it over so it'll be a minute. Great, that means good beer. Soon after, she comes back with a glass of clear, watery, flat beer. Um... I guess the bartender maybe forgot or didn't know that you're supposed to bleed out the line to the new keg until you get the new keg beer coming from the tap... which is another suck because no one wants to drink flat beer. He didn't want to ask to get another glass so he just left it alone. (He tends to do things like that; isn't satisfied and complains to me about it, but will refuse to ask for a replacement... boyfriend_suck?)

We sit there for another 25 minutes waiting for the food that was supposed to be 'right up!'. We watch as people around us get their food; ones that came before us, and even a table that came after us (I get it, different cooking times, less food to cook, etc). Our waitress comes around again and as she passes by, she repeats, 'Your food will be right up!'. Okay good! We're still hungry!

Fifteen minutes later, she comes by again and gives us... dip. She says, 'They're just plating your food now!'. Okay, great! It's about time.

Ten minutes later, our food finally arrives. We were on the verge of just slapping down a five dollar bill for the beer and leaving to go to another restaurant, and are pretty pissed off that the food took an hour and twenty minutes to finally get to us. But we eat it anyways.

The fries are undercooked, the 10 wings we ordered only have about two ounces of meat alltogether, the potato skins looked like they were just haphazardly plopped on to the plate, and the samosas are cold. We eat them anyways because we're hungry.

We don't see the waitress at all while we're eating; she never comes by to ask how things are or if we want any refills. Finally at about 7:50 (an hour and 35 minutes into the visit) she shows up and we ask for the bill.

We decided to tip her, albeit not the whole 10%. Maybe most of this wasn't her fault - the beer was the bartender, the wait times were the kitchen. However, even if there was some miscommunication between the kitchen and the waitress, we really felt she should have apologized that it was taking so long, instead of blatantly lying to us and saying our food would be right out. We're understanding people; we would have been okay with a 'I'm so sorry about the wait, it's going to be another X minutes, can I get you something in the mean time?' or something along that line. We had things to do that night afterward, so it would have been great to know that we were going to be there for an hour and twenty minutes waiting for food. We're also glad that my friend waited to take her lactose pill, because it would have worn off if she had taken it the first time the waitress said our food would be out, and she wouldn't have been able to eat some of the things we ordered.

All and all, we probably won't go back there unless we're not totally hungry yet, have nothing else to do that night and no one is working in the morning. It's too bad; the food was good, but it really wasn't worth such a long wait.

TL;DR - Waitress asks 'who had x?' every time she brings a drink, after taking back a glass of bottom-of-the-keg flat beer she brings another bottom-of-the-keg flat beer, waitress chimes in with 'your food will be right up!' twice in an hour and does not bring food, finally after an hour and twenty minutes it arrives and is undercooked, cold, bare-bones, or just thrown onto the plate.

Haunted House WTF Service

I don't often get bad service, but this made me "WTF?" so I thought I'd share.

My husband and I went to a local haunted house this weekend (oh, let's call it Underworld), because we had awesome "opening weekend" coupons. There was a short wait at the ticket booth, and when I got to one of the cashiers, I handed over my coupon and said, "Both houses, please." The lady told me the total price, and I handed her my credit card.

On the back of my credit card, I have "See ID" next to my signature. She asked for my license, and I handed it to her and said, "Thank you for checking" (Laugh at me if you want, but I always thank cashiers when they ask to see my ID. I genuinely appreciate them taking to time to make sure I'm the card owner).

After signing my receipt, she looked at my license and said flatly, "The way you signed your name on this makes it look like you have chin hair." I wasn't sure I had heard her correctly, so I said, "My.. what?" She said again (without smiling), "The way you signed your name underneath your picture makes it look like you have chin hair." I really wasn't sure what to say to that, so I just sort of said, "Oh. Haha," as she handed back my license and credit card. The lady just rolled her eyes and waved for the next customer.

WTF? I don't even know what that was about. I mean, yeah, GA licenses have a double-signature where one is indeed crammed up under your chin, but why would you even say that to someone? I guess it might have been funnier if she had laughed about it, but it was just deadpan and odd.