September 27th, 2011

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I don't know if I should be making a big deal about this...

I ordered online from Pizza Hut Friday, the 23rd. I paid online with my credit card, and when the pizza arrived I signed, wrote in the total and wrote 0 in the tip line because I tipped in cash. There were no problems with the order or the time it took to get to me... my issue is that my total was $19.61 and on my card statement it's an even $20. I'm wondering if I'm wrong for not being at all comfortable with them rounding up when charging me. I tipped $4 in cash and clearly wrote the total on the slip I signed.

Is this bad service? If I were to call and complain about it, or send an email, I wouldn't be demanding my whopping 39 cents back, I'm just wondering if this is common practice... it's never happened before and I order pizza relatively often

Mongolian BBQ and Vegetarian Bowls

I have a question regarding annoying service rather than bad_service.

Up here in Michigan (and a few other states) we have a restaurant called Mongolian BBQ where you go pick out your food for stir-fry by selecting meat and vegetables, pick out some seasonings and sauce and bring it up to a large round grill where the grillers will cook for you while you watch. Delicious food and reasonable prices but the problem here is I'm vegetarian so on the menu it says for a dinner of one bowl it is $10.99 rather than $12.99 with meat (it is cheaper having a veggie bowl regardless of having lunch or dinner).

Whenever my boyfriend and I go there we always tell the server before we leave to get our food and after we sit back down that I have a vegetarian bowl. Sadly, a lot of the time the server forgets and puts 2 regular bowls instead of 1 regular and 1 veggie so we have to tell them to fix it. I feel that it's really annoying on both my part and the part of the server having to go back and fix the mistake.

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I went back and the same thing happened again with being charged for 2 regular bowls. Since we were frustrated we ask our server why they don't have something to distinguish vegetarian bowls to regular bowls (our suggestion was different colored dishes or markings on dishes). Luckily our server did tell us they used to do this in the early 2000s by using different colored dishes but they stopped doing it for whatever reason.

I want to make a suggestion to Mongolian BBQ to bring back this way to tell the difference between veggie bowls and regular bowls but I have a feeling they won't (probably because of cost of having to buy more dishes) since they did it before. Again, not the worst service in the world, but a very annoying occurrence that happens almost all the time we visit. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to fix this problem?
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Two-for-one Best Buy suck.

I should probably warn you that this is long. But there are lists! ... people like lists! ... right? D:?

I'm a student working with the only remaining dinosaur on Earth -- meaning the antiquated desktop sitting in the corner of my bedroom -- and am getting more than a little fed up with him, so I finally decided that I needed to get a decent laptop. After setting aside some money for a budget and doing some (surprisingly pretty time-consuming) research I decided on one, ordered it on their website and chose to pick it up in my local store to save the $20 on shipping. $20 is half a tank of gas, to me, so it’s definitely much more worth it to someone who makes barely above minimum wage to use that $20 on gas instead of shipping. Should have been a simple transaction, right?


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