September 26th, 2011

No, see, I still need those

Our prescription insurance has deemed that if you are on a medication for more than 2 months it has to go through mail order CVS Caremark.

I have had nothing but annoyance with CVS Caremark and have actually gone without some medication because they are that bad.

I finally gave up and attempted to transfer all my prescriptions to the mail order so I'd stop getting "non-compliance" letters from insurance. (Yes, I know I filled a prescription at Target for the 4th month in a row...)

On the Caremark website there is a "FastStart" option Collapse )
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USPS, I really do hate you.

Another, less happy update to this:

So after complaining and talking to the postmaster a little over a week ago, our service last week was pretty good. Packages that didn't fit into the mailbox were taken up to our porch and she actually knocked at the door - things were not getting ruined. We were pleasantly surprised by the service and thought every thing was fine.

Today, we were out running errands when the mail was delivered - when we got home we found she had gone back to her old ways. Not only was there a packaged stuffed into the mailbox that was hell to get out of it, she had stuffed the rest of the mail behind the box and wrapped the large evenlope around the box. Luckly the items in the package weren't hurt (some shirts my mom had bought) but the comic in the large evenlope was warped and bent in several places.

I took pictures of everything before we took it out of the mailbox and will be calling tomorrow to complain again since the postoffice was closed by the time we got home. Not too happy that I have to do this all over again.