September 19th, 2011

desi sad by Darkie

probably minor, but still...

my bank has just changed from visa to master card and for some reason they've started making mistakes on new card issues since then. i have 2 accounts that had visa debit cards. when my main one expired as was reissued as a MC, it went missing. (this may be a postal suck but given that both the pin and card went awol, i'm doubting it.)

after this experience i decided to get my second card reissued early. this time the pin and card arrived, things seemed fine... till i opened the card. under the date it should look like this:

[first name] [middle initials] [surname]

card arrives looking like this:

[first name] [first middle name] [second middle name with last letter cut off]

minor, perhaps but it makes the card hard to use as a credit card. the problem came when i tried to get it fixed. the woman i spoke to couldn't get through her head how i wanted my name written, and claimed she couldn't put the notation on a second line. (this after trying to tell me she couldn't do a reissue at all!)

i did call the complaints line and it does seem to be cleared up (this should be confirmed tomorrow), but given this is the second card i've had issues with, i'm annoyed.

edit: sorry, fixed.
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