September 18th, 2011

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well, this ruined lunch.

A few years ago, I worked at the only Pizza Hut in town. I only worked there for a year, but it was a generally enjoyable experience and I was left with a preference for greasy, deep dish pan pizzas. My friends and family, on the other hand, hate greasy pizzas, so I'm usually outvoted and haven't gotten to order from there since then.

Something great happened to me today, though, and to celebrate, my family and I thought we'd splurge a little and pay an extra five bucks for pizza from Pizza Hut instead of from any of our other local, cheaper pizzerias. There's a bit of a rotating door at my Pizza Hut, though, so when we went there, there was a new manager and new kitchen staff. We ordered their panormous, paid, waited for about 15 minutes, then quickly checked the pizza before coming back home to meet up with my friends. When we opened up the box, though, all we saw were crispy black-edged pepperonis. So we flagged down the manager and told him that our pizza looked a little burnt. All of us are a little wary of complaining, especially in food establishments, so we didn't outright ask for them to remake the pizza -- we just thought it was clear that that was what we were asking for.

Maybe we should have said it plainly, because 10 minutes later we got the box back and it looked as though the pepperoni pieces had been picked off and new ones put back on. And they were still burnt. So we talked to the manager again, but he looked at the pepperonis and told us that the pizza had been made to standards. Apparently they've changed the standards in the three years since I've worked there and pepperoni standards are now 'brown and burnt, placed on the pizza separate from the cheese'.

Eventually we gave up and left with the pizza, since we were running late. We're all pretty grumpy right now, me especially, I think, because of the dismissive way the manager talked to me, as well as the fact that I really used to love getting things from Pizza Hut. I might've had rose-tinted tastebuds, and this might be a one-off poor service, but this really isn't the pizza or customer service I remember, and it really put a damper on my excitement for today. It'll probably end up being another few years before I order anything else from Pizza Hut.
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Jokes about spitting in my food are not funny

Yesterday I drove to McDonald's with my brother for some food and drinks.  I went through the drive thru because we were taking a road trip.  We placed our order and paid at the first window.  When I drove to the second window is when I experienced the sucky etiquette of an employee.  He says hi very politely but then crouches a bit and peers into my car to stare at me and my brother (kinda weird and creepy but whatev) and sees a bag of home made snickerdoodle cookies on the console between the driver and passenger seats.

Employee: Man those cookies look delicious!
Me:  They are, I just made them from scratch! :D
Employee:  Oh well I would love to have one!
Me: Oh sorry it's actually illegal in the state of Ohio to pass things INTO the drive-thru window, I don't want to get you into trouble!
Employee: No it's not I do it all the time!
Me: Yeah it is.
Employee:  Can I have one?
Me: Sorry. No, I honestly don't want to share.
Employee:  Oh well then I'll just spit in your food!  Hahaha ( He says this with a big smile)
Me: That's not funny, like at all.  
Employee:  Oh?  Why don't you think that's funny?
Me: Because it's not funny, go away and send someone else. 

He left the window and the food runner handed us our food.

I was so pissed but in the moment I didn't say anything. I made my brother thoroughly check our food while he kept telling me to let it go.  I listened to my brother and said nothing but it's really bugging me.  My brother thinks I was over-reacting and wanted me to ignore the guy so I did.  What would you guys have done?

TL;DR Employee acts unprofessional and then jokes about spitting in my food.
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