September 13th, 2011

WTF service - shoe repair

I've frequented this shoe repair place near my work only a few times, but after my last experience, I don't think that I'll be returning. During my lunch hour yesterday, I went to have the tips of my heels replaced. I have had this repair done in the past. It only takes a few minutes. During my previous visits, I left the shoes there at the beginning of my lunch hour and would return at the end of the hour to pick them up. There is a sign in the store that says "repaired while you wait" and "ladies' heels in five minutes."

When I went there yesterday and explained what I wanted, the employee tried to push for me to have the whole sole repaired rather than just the tips. The shoes weren't in such disrepair that I was willing to do that, so I politely declined three times before he gave up on it. The employee quoted the usual price and then told me that they would be ready to pick up by Thursday afternoon. I was taken aback since this repair normally only takes about five minutes, and it was only Monday! I told him that I had been hoping to pick them up on the same day. He responded by saying that he was "slammed" and that people were "waiting for [him], shoeless." Now, considering that it was 3 PM, I find it perfectly understandable that he could have many repairs to finish up before closing time in two hours. Even so, I found it quite strange that he was proposing that it would take over two days for the shoes to be repaired. I would have rather returned at another time, but he didn't offer any other suggestions and just repeated that he was too busy to have them before Thursday. I declined his offer, thanked him, and went on my way.

Edited upon the suggestion of a commenter:
My experiences at this place have been rather subpar in the past. I only went there because it's a block from my office. I would never be willing to leave my shoes there for more than a few hours because the place is in such a state of disarray that I'm not sure how they'd manage to not lose them. The last time I returned to pick up my shoes, they were just sitting on the counter, where anyone could just casually pick them up and walk off with them.

BoA is just a pile of crap, isn't it.

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tl;dr Bank of America is just the worst. [/brand new information]

EDIT: Some actual brand new information - they are, in fact, attempting to charge me a $12 returned item fee. Looking at the check image, I can see that it is wrinkled and the routing number can't be read easily, but it's impossible to tell if the actual check could just be unfolded to reveal the number, or if there's some greater damage involved. Either way, there is no earthly reason why I should be charged a $12 fee because their ATM ate the check. Also THEY TOOK THE MONEY ANYWAY warflegarbleraaaaaaaaaaaaage. I foresee spending my evening on the phone when I get off work tonight.

Petco Repeat Delivery

I recently moved to a more rural area, and there aren't many pet stores nearby, so I signed up on the Petco website to have my cat food shipped to me once a month. First couple of months go great.

At the end of August I get an email from Petco letting me know that my repeat delivery is being shipped. Great because I have it timed so I'm almost running out.

About a week later it's just before Labor Day weekend and I realize the food hasn't showed up yet. I went to the website and searched around. The site is extremely hard to navigate but I finally found a page on the site that said my order was not shipped due to a credit card issue.

Now I had moved some money around when I sold my house, so for about 1 day I had a low balance on my debit card, but it was about $200 (the cat food is only about $25) so I have no idea what happened.

But instead of Petco notifying me that there was a problem, or letting me know that my order was not in fact being shipped, they simply cancelled that month's shipment. Since I was on their site I went ahead and cancelled all future shipments since I was unhappy with their service.

I then went to their feedback section to let them know why I was unhappy and why I had cancelled my account. A day later I received an email from Petco telling me that they had fully researched my problem and discovered the reason my order had not shipped because I had cancelled it. Right, except no.

Guess I'll be making the drive to the pet store every month (not Petco).